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      Shawn Genoway


      There are two parts to this one:

      Part 1
      When updating Company > Company Details and then saving, fields such as the telephone number, website, etc. do not appear. (Note if you do go back and update the company later you have to redo the logo, it doesn’t retain it. )

      Part 2
      Of the fields that do show under Company Details such as company name, street address, city, state, and zip; when you create a New Purchase or New Purchase Order the state/province and zip (plus the other stuff such as telephone, website, etc.) are missing.

      As well, if someone has no information for the second address line and leaves it blank, under the company details, this translates to a blank line in the company address on the Purchase Requisition/Order. This should be excluded if blank. Thank you.


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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello Shawn,

      I’m afraid that this is not happening here. As I just checked, the Company can be updated smoothly with all of its details. Maybe you are facing the problem which is causing by something else or something?

      Fixed already and pinned to ship with the next release.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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