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      How to make autoclock in when user signed in to wordpress. Then auto clock out when user logged out from wordpress?

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      Mehedi Hasan


      I’m afraid that it’s not possible to have auto-check in check-out feature based on the user login. There are several problems doing this, the main concern is the browser/login sessions. When someone logged in a WordPress site and do not have any activity for a certain time, it gets auto signed-out. So, it really has limitations to consider it now.


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      It’s so easy to cheat the system.
      The employee just don’t need to clock out couple times. The work hour will increase even if the employee already get home.

      If you have hundreds of employee it’s hard to know which is a cheater. This can cost a big company a huge loss of money.

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      Thank you! This helps.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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