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      I am trying to add a “Form” or Form Field into Attendance Check-in Email and can’t seem to add a form field on message and any form fields do not show up as a option?

      Our people are remote, they will be checking in from from different locations across USA and maybe abroad, need to add a form field to Checkin or Check out process or a follow up to this process to request a “text” and “numbers” back from that check in or out.
      Seeking form field or form from either Contact 7, WP forms, You’re Custom Form Field Builder, etc..?
      Data I seek Text & numbers for “Audience Count,” “Player Count,” basic text, 180 character level data.

      We thought we would certainly be able to do this with “Custom Form Field” or within ATTENDANCE program but have not found it, yet. We’ve killed a couple of days trying to locate option….. to no avail.

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      Attempted to provide supply ticket with admin resources, your support submission site has provided three errors on three separate browser and cache sessions from browser, still not working for General submission or Feature request.

      Please advise & update because we would be unable to run our business without a proven support apparatus and communication platform to even reconsider not just writing it off the books as a very valuable lesson.

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      Mehedi Hasan


      I’m afraid that this will not be that easier to have a contact form or a field along with the check-in/out. Check-in and out fires an action and I have doubt if there is any way to open a form along with it!

      Rather, you can have a contact form on your site. Ask your employee to submit the form immediately after check-in.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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