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      I need Accounts Receivable Aging Report for debtor & creditor, WPERP have this function?

      Accounts receivable aging is the process of categorizing all the amounts owed by all customers or selected customer, including the length of time the amounts have been outstanding and unpaid.

      Lookup by date and show out the lookup period.
      The aging report is used to collect debts and establish credit & show the payment details(invoice no, receive payment date & payment amount).

      Standard categories for this type of report include:

      Current: Due immediately
      1 to 30 days: Due within the next 30 days
      31 to 60 days: A month overdue
      61 to 90 days: Two months overdue
      91 days and over: More than two months overdue

      If a customer has several bills that were incurred at different times, the report will show how much is due and at what time. For example, a receivables aging report for JR’s Delicatessen might read something like this:

      $230 30 days
      $120 60 days
      $390 Over 90 days

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      Mehedi Hasan


      You can check the ‘Awaiting Payment’ status transections in that case- which is available under the transaction. You can filter like this way:

      Also, you can check ‘Ledger Report’ for the Accounts Payable but that’s doesn’t offer filtering the dates.


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      Can i export the report to XLS for Audit use?
      Awaiting Payment is for all customer?
      Can separate Supplier & customer like debtor & creditor?

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