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      I know that adding an employee will create a WP user, but is it possible to add an existing WP user to the employee list to track leave? I would like to be able to track leave for our two admin accounts in HRM. However, I cannot find a way to add them to the employee list. Therefore, the “Take a Leave” button does not appear on the leave calendar page, and manually entering a request does not show these users either.

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello Justin,

      Yes, you can do the reverse as well. Say, you have a user with the email [email protected]. Now, if you try to create a new employee with the same email, it’ll automatically suggest importing the user into Employee.

      Also, you can navigate to wp-admin->users->edit the user->Change the user role as Employee:

      I hope this helps 🙂

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      Perfect, the first option worked. Thank you!

      Also, is it possible to have the amount of leave reset on the employee’s hiring anniversary, rather than based on the calendar year?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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