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      Hi Guys,

      The plugin looks great and is pretty easy to use from the start, so here’s one for the team, keep up the good work!

      BUT: it is far from professional, so I can unfortunately not use it due to lack of some basic functionality
      Please consider next features to be part of your short-term Roadmap for the Accounting module to enable much more users:

      1. Copying entries:
      I am both buying and selling same (or same-type) products/services and re-typing all fields each time I create a new invoice or purchase is pretty time-consuming.

      2. More advanced control of Invoice PDF
      – Layout setup and look & feel (colors/fonts/positions/etc.)
      – Allow uploading a background PDF (I use a PDF of my company letterheading as background because it contains all legal data)
      – Company as standard instead of the contact name
      – Address should be filled automatically

      3. Decimal-setting that actually works
      Currently, when standard settings are changed, strange things happen to my revenue: this is a bug already mentioned and acknowledged some time ago in the forum.

      4. Custom document numbering
      – Custom starting number
      – Custom number of digits
      – Custom numbering schedule/setup (e.a. starting with [year] and/or [month] as part of the numbering)
      Most companies (also smaller ones) use different numbering setup for the different type of documents, but at least users should be able to set the starting number as most of your users will already have a numbering in place and are building upon that number.

      Please don’t see this as an attack on your efforts, but let it be a guide that helps you out:
      putting these features in place will have me as a customer, even willing to pay for more enhanced features.

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      Shawon Chowdhury


      First of all, I would like to thank you for your valuable time in experimenting and pointing out such a great list of features for us.
      Just added these to our future log list and will surely try to implement these in future. We really would love to hear from you more if you ever want to let us know anything else or more suggestions.

      Thanks a ton 🙂

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      Thnx @Shawon, please let me know when these features are implemented as that will be my starting point.
      Getting finances up and running will set the start of using WP ERP, anything else can be sorted out but that is of somewhat less importance.

      As soon as I can start with WP ERP I will be more than willing to help you out as I have quite an experience using ERP/CRM systems and know quite well what is needed to run a business.

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      no. 3 is soved: yay!
      no. 4 is taken care of to some extend: I can work with it (though would love more control like number of digits)

      That leaves only the first two points that need attention from my perspective: Good work guys!
      no. 1 is obvious: I think anyone can relate
      no. 2 adding a background PDF with all legal data on it will be enough for me to enable me to work with it, I think this is common practice in most CRM/Accounting/invoicing software and saves you from developing extensive lay-out functions (which will be appreciated in the end as a nice addition anyway).

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      Shawon Chowdhury


      Thanks for the appreciation.
      We will try to make WP ERP greater. Thanks for supporting us.

      Good day 🙂

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      Please notify this thread when you have made Number 1 and 2 changes Shawon, I really appreciate your reception of this advice because your product can benefit a lot of small businesses from having to pay high prices for ERP and CRM software.

      Being a small business owner should not deprive one of business solutions because of high costs. I have I intend to purchase the multisite package and resell to small businesses in my Country.

      Businesses like salons and eateries.

      The Invoice really is not convenient, currently, we cannot even insert company bank account as most companies do not use e-commerce thus rely on printed or pdf versions.

      Whilst I am here, how can I enable the feature to make telephone calls from WP ERP?
      Is it possible to bypass the autofill customer on Invoice for non-customers? the journal is not prerry enough and lacks details compared to invoice. The need for a double entry might cause confusion to client with no accounting knowledge.

      Maybe have a Receipt?

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      Thanks for writing.
      Phone call feature is not available in WP ERP and if you want to add this then you have to do it by custom coding. Means you will need to add the new feature.

      Regarding by-passing customer field-
      By default, this is not possible. Will need customization to achieve the changes you want.

      Regards 🙂

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