Top CRM Modules That Enhances Your Customer Relationship Management in 2020

Behind every successful company, there is an open secret. That is maintaining a good relationship with customers and understanding what exactly they are craving for. Everyone knows this fact, but very few people can actually handle this issue. Even many of you are not yet determined to take an in-depth look at it. That is sad, right?

When you are ready with your services or products, you need to outreach your customers and make sure they are coming to you again and again. But having a shallow knowledge of what they want and without heading your business according to that, you can’t expect they will come back. 

To remove this barrier between you and your customers, you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with up to date modules. CRM modules help you to understand your customers deeply. 

Throughout this article, we will learn about some of the prolific and helpful CRM modules that can help you immensely while trying to stand out with your business against thousands of competitors. But first, let’s understand why do we really need a CRM solution in our company.

Why Do You Need a CRM Solution for Your Business?

CRM Solution

The main purpose of a CRM solution is to reduce your hassle. It handles customers’ interaction in a smart way and plays a vital role in your business. You can follow up on your customers from a central position, as the above image shows. 

A CRM solution is not only used for effective communication with customers but also lets you keep track of every interaction with your customers. It provides you with the facility to record email details, contact details, any previous interaction, order, and sales history (Online E-Commerce) and many customer-related details as well.

For businesses, CRM software has become inevitable, and you cannot ignore it because it engages customers, develops business, builds trust, and makes customers loyal to your brand.

Moreover, most of the organizations are using CRM for lead nurturing, email marketing, and sales projection. So we can say that CRM software is a necessity these days for all businesses small or medium.

Now, let me discuss some of the top modules that a CRM solution should have & be able to integrate with. 

Top CRM Modules that You Need to Manage Customers Smartly

Best CRM Extension

Let your customers experience a new taste with your business using top CRM modules that perfectly match with your customer management requirements. So let us first take a look at the CRM module list that we are going to discuss in detail. 

  1. WooCommerce Integration
  2. Custom Field Builder
  3. Salesforce Contacts Sync
  4. Document Manager
  5. SMS Notification
  6. Workflow
  7. Deals
  8. Gravity Forms Sync

Now, it’s time to explore some of the individual features of these popular CRM extensions, what it will do for you, and where you can get it. So, let’s start with the first one. 

WooCommerce Integration 

WooCommerce integration CRM module

This integration with WooCommerce allows all your order details & customer data to be synced with the CRM module. It helps your customer to track all sales happening at that time. They will be able to see and overview the complete detailed information right from their CRM dashboard.

You can create a dynamic list of customers by segmenting them based on 22+ important filters. Moreover, it allows you to save those lists for after-sale services such as sending emails or newsletters.  

Apart from these, WooCommerce integration comes with a bunch of exclusive features that are discussed below

What Does the WooCommerce CRM Module Do?

  • Sync Order Details: You will be able to synchronize all your WooCommerce order details instantly with the click of a button.
  • Import Data: With the built-in CRM tab you will be able to configure how your WooCommerce order data gets imported.
  • Track Sales Overview: See your sales overview along with WooCommerce data details by enabling the Accounting sync option.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Let your users signup for a newsletter service during their checkout to manage subscriptions.
  • Filter Your Contacts: After syncing all your WooCommerce order details with your CRM and Accounting module you will be able to filter through those contacts with WooCommerce related fields

Custom Fields Builder

Custom field builder CRM module

When you are trying to add fields to an employee or company profile, you need a custom field builder. Custom fields builder module for CRM enables you to add as many fields as you want, whether it is a company or contact profile.

Custom fields builder integration offers you different types of fields like password, dropdown, radio button, and many more. 

What Does the Custom Fields Builder CRM Module Do?

  • Add Fields to Employee Profile: In addition to the pre-populated fields of the employee form, you will be able to add as many fields as you need there. 
  • Add Fields to Contact Profile: Just like editing the employee profile form, you can also edit the contacts’ forms by adding more useful fields at ease.
  • Use Versatile Field Types: Don’t just be confined in adding plain text fields, add any sort of fields like password, dropdown, radio button, checkbox, calendar date, email, URL, number field, etc.
  • Compatible with Recruitment Extension: The tool perfectly blends with recruitment extension so as to make your recruitment process much easier and more personalized. 
  • Add Fields to Company Profile: Enabling you to add extra fields for companies makes it much more flexible and gives you a seamless experience when it comes to editing.

Salesforce Contacts Sync

Salesforce Contacts sync CRM module

You will hardly find the people inside the cloud computing industry, who don’t know the name “Salesforce.”

One of Salesforce’s main & best selling services is it’s CRM. If you are already familiar with this and comfortably using this in your business, we got you covered there too. With Salesforce Contact integration, you can sync all your contacts to both CRMs either way. 

What Does Salesforce Contacts Sync CRM Module Do?

  • Import & Export Contacts: It can sync all contacts and contact lists from your Salesforce account into your WP ERP CRM system and vice versa.
  • One-Click Configuration: You will be able to connect your Salesforce account with a simple click of a button. Enter your Salesforce account credentials and you are ready to start transferring data.
  • Seamless Data Transfer: You can easily transfer data between two platforms. Everything happens instantly. Just choose your method, configure your list, and click on the synchronize button. 

Documentation Manager

Documentation manager CRM module

Documentation is crucial while you are developing a product or managing a team. Don’t waste your valuable time by searching documentation here and there rather store it more smartly. The documentation manager module for CRM helps you to save any type of documents on your server. 

Upload and access any file format on your server and decide whom you want to give access to your server using this documentation manager module.

What Does the Documentation Manager CRM Module Do?

  • Store Everything on Your Server: Upload & access all your files in your WordPress site. Be it the employee documents or any type of file, you will be able to store everything.
  • Instant Search: Search anything you want anytime and get the results in seconds. It saves your time on a large scale.
  • Supports Every Format: It supports every file format. Upload and access whatever format your files are. 
  • Private & Secured: Privacy is very important. Document Manager comes with default settings letting only the document owner and site managers access all the files.

SMS Notification

SMS Notification module

Reach your teammates and clients when emails and system messages are not enough!

Send SMS notifications to your contacts and employees from your ERP system using this famous SMS gateway.

It comes with the support of seven most renowned SMS gateways. It allows you to decide whom you want to give an SMS and whom you don’t want to. It’s cool, right?

What Does the SMS Notification CRM Module Do?

  • Support Popular SMS Gateway: It supports most of the popular SMS gateways like Twilio, Clickatell, Nexmo, SMS Global, and 3 others. 
  • Use As an Alternative: You can use it as an alternative to your system message or email. When you fail to reach your team members or clients via email, you can use it as an alternate medium to reach them. 
  • Pick the People You Want to Notify: Not only does it let you send notifications to all of your employees but it also allows you to select chosen employees to send notifications to.


Workflow CR module

Automate your workflows like emails, contacts, employee creation, and many more using a systemic solution called Workflow module for CRM software. 

This integration will be handy for you when you are trying to focus on spreading your business rather than stuck on these basic things like sending emails and managing contacts separately.  

What Does the Workflow CRM Module Do?

  • Trigger Modules: Using the Trigger Modules option, you can create actions based on different modules, and you can set conditions as well. 
  • Set Event for CRM Module: You can set events like when a contact subscribes, unsubscribes, or is created and deleted. Set events like when a note or task is created or a meeting is scheduled.
  • Define Event for HRM Module: It will allow you to create workflow easily with the predetermined HRM events like created or deleted employees, published announcements, confirmed leave requests, etc.
  • Useful Actions: It comes with some amazing actions like sending mail, assigning tasks, adding activities, scheduling meetings, and so on.
  • Set Event for Accounting Module: Events like creating or deleting customers, adding sales, and the purchase will seem much easier, and you can create workflows with full steam ahead.
  • Create Actions Based on Conditions: Not only you can create actions that matter to your team, but also you can set them based on your preferred conditions right after an event is triggered.


Deals Module

Organize and manage all your deals that are happening in a pipeline using this integration. Basically, this is a smart tool to manage and guide your CRM agents on a faster and organized pipeline based sales process.

Deal CRM module does a lot of significant tasks instead of you. Let’s check them all.

What Does the Deals CRM Module Do?

  • Track Everything: It allows you to see your deal as well as activity progress that you have set, most recently won deals, and many more crucial things. 
  • Categorizes Your Deals: Every deal can be categorized into stages that are completely customizable. Set the stages and start calculating which deal is on which stage.
  • See Deal Progress: You will be able to see all your deals separated by stages in a pipeline manner. Filter them by open, closed, lost, trashed deals, or even by the owner.
  • Manage To-Do List: Get the advantages of a built-in activity tracker that lets you set tasks, assign tasks, time, category, and more from the activity menu.   

Gravity Forms Sync

Gravity Forms Sync CRM

Let your user register to your CRM instantly through Gravity Forms Sync extensions. It allows you to import your form from users into the CRM module and engage with them for better support.

Whenever a user submits their information via a form created using “Gravity Form” it will be automatically synced with your CRM module. Saving your time from doing the hard work.

What Does Gravity Forms Sync CRM Module Do?

  • Advanced Mapping Feature: It allows you to manually map each form field in your CRM along with the options. It is fully customizable which means you can customize it as per your requirements. 
  • See All the Information in Your Contact List: All the information you collect using the forms will be available in the contact list with details for every individual contact.
  • Instant Output: Everything from the time a user submits their information to create a contact takes place in real-time.

Some More Useful CRM Modules That You Should Know About

Apart from all the above mentioned CRM modules, there are some more awesome CRM modules that you should be aware of. All these CRM extensions come with an easy to use interface and enable you to customize as you need to. 

  • Zendesk Integration: Increase CRM contacts, lead, and customers by integrating Zendesk ticket support system and respond to clients faster.
  • Help Scout Integration: Sync Help Scout contacts with your CRM and view your CRM contact data on Help Scout with this two-way integration.
  • Awesome Support Sync: Connect your WordPress Awesome Support to your CRM so you get full relationship management features.
  • Hubspot Contacts Sync: Establish a bridge between WP ERP and Hubspot to import or export contacts using this module.
  • Mailchimp Contact Sync: If you need to engage with your email subscribers through your CRM simply use this extension.

Final Thoughts on Top CRM Modules

Top CRM Modules

Throughout the article, we have learned about all the top CRM modules and their workability. Now, we know how a CRM module can take your business to a whole new level.

But, do you know which complete ERP solution can adopt these CRM modules seamlessly for your small to mid-level business?

Yes, the answer is WP ERP! All these top CRM modules work perfectly with this all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning management plugin and will give you the smoothest working experience you ever had.

Don’t let anything hold you back to meet your customers’ demands. Utilize these CRM modules and make sure you are on the right track to keep your customers satisfied. If you are still hesitated to take your decision, then you are more than welcome to check out its FREE demo to get a more practical idea about it.

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