Streamline Complex Operations With The Right WordPress ERP Solution

A company small or large, there are always some tasks that are more complex than the rest. Complex tasks have several challenges – repetitiveness, more manpower to perform the task, takes more time, and increases the margin of error. To mitigate this, you need a strong WordPress ERP solution.

An ERP system that has those problems practically sorted out with features tuned up to ease your troubles. We are looking into WordPress as a perfect next-level platform to host your enterprise-related tasks.

So What Does an ERP System Mainly Do To a Company?

Core modules ERP

ERP is usually a suite of tools/software that can unify and handle all of the departments, tasks, information, and personnel your business needs to handle. So, it can start with basic functions like a human resource system to get highly complex with production line management, supply-delivery, inventory, or even order management, stock management, and balancing company finances.

This may sound really big and complex, but there are ways you can skip the parts you do not need and still maintain a unified ERP system for your company. After All, even in small companies, you need that engine like synchronization of all of our efforts to make your business grow. In other words. an ERP can be described as an ecosystem for maintaining & developing a company. So, the benefits are many.

What Troubles Do You Face?

Managing your staff

how to manage employee

Your team may be small but scattered across the globe, or you have multiple teams working from multiple offices – to manage each team and department with the right amount of attention you need an ERP system to get the bunch together.

Almost all of these enterprise systems come with an HR module that allows you to recruit, manage leaves & attendance, handle paychecks, store files, and evaluate each member of your team. Some HR modules also allow teams with task management in the system itself. So, when your people are onboard an ERP system like this, it is much easier to keep their records and get involved with them faster.

Here is a quick example of how an ERP system can be used to manage a global team:

Client communication and building database

Or, maybe you are using multiple solutions to reach your clients. This causes a problem, customers do not experience your communication in the same way on multiple platforms and not all platforms are equipped in the same way.

So, you need something powerful enough to break the barrier and also unite the experience. Independent CRM solutions or those which are bundled with an ERP suite have extended capacities to track and store data of your clients. So, whenever you are trying to reach out or help a customer, you are not in the dark.

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Managing inventory and supply

What are some best practices for inventory forecasting_

Say you are a supplier company to an online sales store or a mega-mart, the first thing you will need is top-notch inventory. If you try to do this in the regular pen and paper style, not only those records can be tampered with, but also destroyed easily.

This was the days of our granddad’s. Now, almost everyone uses some kind of inventory software. These things perform without errors for the money they cost. But there are certain limitations. It will be really hard to share this information or put them into another system or connect it to another platform as an integration.

Tracking your money

Cost of ERP

Maybe you are making sales with a payment system that is working well with you so far. But wouldn’t it be great if it was integrated deeply into your bank accounts that it would almost instantly balance your finances, give you detailed records and intelligent reports.

Yes, this is possible when you are using an accounting software integrated into an ERP system. While most accounting modules are not as advanced as this, but in WordPress, there are solutions that directly work deeply with WooCommerce or other eCommerce engines to generate orders, manage inventory, make payments to vendors, and much more.

Cost & Error

These are just single isolated cases. But together they pose a bigger threat because it will keep you too busy to solve these at once. The measures you will take are also more likely to have its own nature and even the solution itself can turn out to be a problem after some time. If you use multiple solutions like this, there will be multiple costs, multiple accounts to manage and it will be much harder to get through all these to get a bigger picture. Thus your chance of making the wrong decision raises.

How to Overcome These Hindrances

WordPress ERP Solution
WordPress ERP Solution

But I want to tell you that you can do much better. You can get everything wrapped up together and  What is better and the next step up in this era is storing and accessing all your data from the cloud.

If you have an ERP solution with an integrated inventory system that is based on cloud technology, you are a winner. Not only your data is always updated, backed up, and secure through the most advanced web security there is – but you can also work from anywhere. Which is why you need an ERP system that has its branches spread out.

Replace Multiple Inadequate Softwares with Just One ERP Solution

ERP Solutions

If you see that you are using multiple software that isn’t working out well together, you need to look for a replacement. An ERP that has specific extensibility and customizable modules should be on your lookout list. Integrating tools into one core lets you better manage all the information and generate better management practices.

Outgrow A Basic Software System

Shifting to an ERP solution also means you will get a suite of more professional and more practical tools for your company. There will an overall balance of features and usability which should greatly improve your workflow.

Boost Profitability

ERP System To Boost Your Business Process

When you have everything organized in your ERP system, it is easier for you or your staff to work. This means more work will be done at the same time – a direct result of this will be a boost in the productivity of your entire company operations. Also, you will be able to reduce your required manpower and downsize costs as a side effect.

Gain Business Intelligence

A really good side of any ERP system is its reporting system. Without an elaborate reporting system, any company will be running blind and when things get faster, chances of stumbling are higher. So, an ERP works as a whistleblower to your progress and the measures you need to take by providing you all sorts of statistical data to make your strategic moves more precise.

Reporting system helps you a lot to make future plans, to make projections of how your small business can grow larger and how your assets are developing, which department of your business is doing well and which is falling behind.

Can You Do It on WordPress?

No.1 ERP Solution WP ERP

Is not WordPress the thing for the bloggers only? What does it have to do with my small business or even enterprise solutions?

WordPress is technically an open-source CMS platform, and on this platform, you can develop anything you wish. Over the years, this platform has grown stronger and has shown capacities to do heavy tasks like online stores, eCommerce marketplaces, team management, mass marketing and not to forget – powering small to large businesses with efficient tools. So, absolutely yes! You can trust and dive into WordPress based ERP solutions for your small business. We have a great example to demonstrate this point.

To prove this point right, a team of people besides their regular work took extra time to research, plan & execute for over 2 years to see if they can get a working ERP system for their own use. Their experimentation was a success. And the team was none other than weDevs, the parent company of WP ERP who are passionate about WordPress. 

Since then, we decided to release WP ERP as the first-ever WordPress ERP solution which is free and opensource (Click here to Download). Now, every month it is becoming more polished and powerful as the team develops it further. And for more advanced features, you can always get its premium version that consists of premium extensions of its CRM, HRM & Accounting module.

If you want to look more into other full ERP solutions or partial ERP solutions, we have a lot of names to suggest. Just post your case in the comment section below!

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