Smart Contact And Company Management For Your Small Business

We all know the importance of customers in business is undeniable. For any kind of organization, relationship with customers plays a vital role. No matter what kind of products or services you offer, customer satisfaction needs to be the main focus of your business. And a suitable customer management system can be a great help in this context. In this post, we’ll go through how easily a WordPress CRM can assist you with contact and company management in the smartest way possible.

An effective Contact & Company Management for everyone

An easy to use contact management system makes the customer handling more efficient and effective. Moreover, it ensures that everyone can successfully use it. So, when you choose a CRM software, don’t forget to check how easy is it to use.

The other features which you should be looking for in a CRM are analytics, scalability, integration, scheduling, reports and so on. The CRM module of WP ERP is developed keeping this matter in mind. Which means you don’t need to be an expert on software if you want to use it even for the first time.

The futuristic Dashboard

To manage all the contacts and companies from a single place, a feature-rich dashboard is available. You can edit, view, delete, search, or filter the contacts and companies from here. Besides this one, two individual dashboards for contacts and companies are there.

Dashboard - contact and company management

Life stages of contacts and companies

You’ll see all the four fundamental stages of a contact or company in your CRM. Select and categorize your contacts by Subscriber, Lead, Opportunity, and Customer so you can implement your strategies accordingly.

You can also assign a CRM agent as a contact owner who will only be able to access (edit and delete) the particular contacts he/she creates.

company and contact management

Priority maintenance made easy

Categorize your contacts and companies with different tags to differentiate them easily. You can use two different strategies here. Firstly, there is a feature named Contact Groups with which you can group several contacts or companies. Secondly, you can add individual Tags to them. This tagging or grouping strategy will allow you to find and segment contacts and companies on the go. Use customized filter and search segments as many as you want.

contact groups

For more details about filtering, read this doc. And for tagging, read this one.

Different emails for different purposes

It might seem difficult to keep in touch with all of your clients. But with the CRM, it’s actually not. No need to rewrite emails or copy-pasting from old emails anymore. Just prepare multiple custom templates and use them according to your need anytime.

email templates

Task scheduler won’t let you down

Never miss an important call or meeting or whichever tasks you need to perform again. Schedule and assign tasks for any contacts or companies from their profile. Or you can do this from the Schedules option as well. You’ll also find an intuitive calendar to easily access and modify all the scheduled tasks from here.

contact and company management

There are red bars to indicate tasks that have been done and logged later, and green bars for the tasks to do.

Activities to keep you updated

Another important feature is the Activities. All your CRM activities like new contact, notes, emails, logs, and schedules are displayed chronologically in this section. Hover on the tiny timer icon to the right of each task to see exactly when the entry was logged in.

activities with contact and company

Keep track of everything with Reports

Analytics are important to measure your performance. The Reports feature is there to give you this functionality. You can get the analytics about Activities, Customers, and Growth of your business all from one place. All reports can be filtered by date. Print option is available as well.

Activity report provides the numbers of schedules, emails, tasks, and notes that all your agents or you have created.

reports - contact and company management

The Customer report is to show the total number of Subscribers, Opportunities, Leads, and Customers.

Finally the Growth report; with this, you’ll find the growth of Subscribers, Opportunity, Leads, and Customers over each month. Two options – bar chart view and list view are available for better understanding and comparison.

growth report - contact and company management

Wrapping up

Customer acquisition & retention is one of the toughest challenges for any organization. A handy contact & company management system can help you overcome this challenge to a great extent. So, choose a simple yet productive CRM tool and stay ahead of the game.

Above we have discussed the fundamental features of our CRM solution. But there are lots of other features as well. Select the ones you need and start managing your business in a better and smarter way.

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