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Dear Mr. Shawon,

Firstly thanks for your support and revert to the issue we are facing.

The link you have shared for the setting I have done all the setting as per the documentation. Still, I am not getting the HR dashboard where an employee can do check in and check out.

After uploading the attendance plugin we faced new issues which are mentioned below –

1. I am not able to see the leave menu tab in the left-hand menu for any user
2. I am not able to add the holiday’s nothing happens when I click add holiday button
3. I have entitled 12 leaves to all employee, but still, I don’t get the leave calendar on HR dashboard. So employee cant apply for leave.

I checked some solution on the forum about the issue and I did some as mentioned below
4. I upgraded PHP and MY SQL to higher version as required.
5. Upgraded SoapClient, DOMDocument, Multibyte string.

I have checked the status in the ERP menu and all looks ok and every requirement is fulfilled as per the standard.

These all issue started after I uploaded the attendance plugin. Now please help me.
Thanks in advance for the help.
With Regards

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