Increase Team Collaboration and Break Down Barriers With WP ERP

Team collaboration is a major ingredients for a successful business. You might have adequate investment, shrewd business plan, attainable mission & vision, strong networking capacity and so on. However, if you do not have a strong chemistry within your team and operational process to facilitate the collaborative nature- you are unlikely to reach your destination. These days, smart business owners are often tech-savvy and they emphasize on supporting their overall business operation with the gifts of information and communication technology.

How ERP Can Facilitate Your Team

Typically a business organization is a collection of its multiple departments: marketing, human resource, finance & accounting, customer relationship management, supply chain & operation etc. These departments are then divided into sub-groups which are assigned to perform different tasks and projects. In absence of an ERP or integrative solution, every employee is required to put extra efforts to store and safeguard their data. Let me discuss further about it.

Say for example, the marketing guy of your organization wants to discover a seasonality pattern of sales and inventory. In order to do that, he will need access to the data set from accounting and supply chain department right? But if there is no process collaboration tool, it will take excessive amount of time to fetch these data from the source and utilise it effectively.

Repetitive data input in different steps of a business chain is another name for inefficiency. A holistic resource planner eliminates this inefficiency from the system and paves way for increased collaboration among different departments. Therefore, employees can put more efforts on making the best use of these data. The need to manually transfer and administer the data is over!

If you want to know more about how ERP in general can serve your business, go to the link and give it a read.

WP ERP to streamline your Small and Medium Business

By now you must have some idea about WP ERP. It is the only ERP solution that is powered by the incredibly popular WordPress platform. With it, you can turn your WP website into a full fledged ERP solution and integrate your CRM, Accounting, HR and Project Management modules seamlessly. More than 20 available extensions broadens the scope of these modules and cover everything that you need for a SMB.

Accounting and HR Syncing Perfectly To Build A Motivated & Organised Workplace

The payroll management process demands involvement from both HR and Accounting department. This is because you need to keep tab of every single employee’s salary, bonus, tax update and other accounting aspects. Same goes for expense reporting as well. Employees should be provided refund in a systematic way, and for that you need a system that involves both Accounting and HR.

WP ERP makes sure you do not have to deal with these two modules separately and make things complicated. Whenever there is an entry for expense reports, those who are overseeing the HR and Accounting module can see the adjustments from their dashboard.

Workflow Automation To Get Rid Of Repetitive Manual Works That Hampers Productivity

Workflow automation is one of the most useful feature of WP ERP. It can be applied to all the modules including HR, CRM and Accounting. Suppose you want to take a particular action whenever an event has been triggered. You need to use WorkFlow for this purpose.

Getting emails from your customer during weekends? Automate the response so that they instantly receive a delighting email from you. Another use case can be assigning a task to a support staff based on the category and timing.

Similarly for accounting purpose, you can generate a voucher and notify to respective customer whenever they purchase something. Same can be done while receiving payments as well. It will take away the need for paperwork and manual tracking.

There are many use cases of workflow automation with WP ERP. Read this blog to know more about how it delivers solid value to your business.

Real Time Dashboard To Understand Different Aspects of Business

All the existing module offers real time dashboard to track respective performances. The admins will set who can have access to these reports in order to ensure proper maintenance and confidentiality. One of the remarkable parts of WP ERP is that it offers visualisation support for almost all the operational data. Ranging from expense reporting, bank transaction to work hours, leave reports to project updates, individual time tracking- you can check everything with a real time dashboard.

Most of the dashboard comes with advanced sorting and searching options so that you can get better insights about your business. You can aggregate the data in different ways to find out areas of improvement.

Real time accounting dashboard

Joint Content and Document Creation To Speed Up Tasks and Knowledge Sharing

File manager is a great standout feature of WP ERP’s project management module. You can expect Google drive like mobility with this feature as it offers a shared platform for managing files and docs. That means if you are using WP ERP to plan and track your projects, you do not need to switch between 3rd party solutions to create docs or share files. Do everything inside WP ERP and enjoy the benefit of a one stop ERP for your business!

Interested to dig more about file manager? Get started from here.

Final Words

The nature of business and management is in ever-changing state. It is becoming more complex and expansive. So if you want to make things easier for you, pull all your business process in one platform. That is where ERP plays a significant role. It not only helps you with tracking and planning your business units, but also speeds up collaboration and data sharing among your people. Faster and smoother operation gives you a competitive edge in the market.

So, tell us your ERP story. Is there any process that you are struggling with? We would love to help you using our expertise in this field.

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