How Should Your Human Resource Management System Perform in 2020

One of the most effective ways to run your company if you have an efficient Human Resource Management System(HRM). But first, you are required to know what kind of HRM tool you need, that can adapt to your company policy.

In WordPress, there are various Human Resource Management solutions available. But in order to know which one is right, you need to get a checklist about WordPress HRM.

The write-up below will give you a clear idea about how your HRM System should perform in this advanced information age.

What Makes Human Resource Management System Efficient

Business is all about rapid growth. The workforce is the main reason behind it. That’s what makes managing the employees effectively very important.

An efficient human resource management system can go a long way behind the success of a company.

Now, what makes an HRM system efficient? Let’s give a check-

1. User-friendliness with Customization

Maintaining employees can be a complicated process. A user-friendly HRM system can make that job a lot easier. It will maintain the balance of the work process.

2. Managing Employee Profile in a Smart Way

There may be a lot of employees working in a company. As a result, creating a profile for every employee manually is hard work.

A process where only a few necessary inputs will create a profile for the employee can be a lifesaver.

3. Easy but Intelligent Recruitment Process

One of the crucial parts of HRM is hiring new employees for the company. When there is a vacancy in the company, the admin or the HR manager has to post a job circular for new recruitment.

It’s often seen that some important information regarding the job goes missing from the circular.

But the right HRM system can easily avoid that error.

4. Attendance and Leave Management

It is very important to track when an employee is coming and going out of the office. If this is done manually, then it is quite impossible to track a large number of employees.

WordPress Attendance Plugin Human Resource Management system

With an efficient attendance tool then there is no need to worry about tracking the whereabouts of the employees.

5. Managing Salary and Designation

After the end of every month, the headache for the administration is to make sure every employee gets their salary in time. A state of the art Payroll system will put this manual work into automation.

These are the main points you should consider before choosing the right Human Resource Management system. But after that, you need to know how to use the system to your advantage.

How to Get the Best Outputs of a Human Resource Management System in 2020

Working in a company, you want things running smoothly. Especially if you are in the administration. So, if you have an HRM tool you need to know all the hacks to get the best output from it.

If you rely on a solution like WP ERP, you can get and manage everything mentioned above with ease. let’s have a look.

Manage Employee Profile with Custom Field Builder

Managing employee profile can be made really easy if you have a custom field builder at your disposal. Using a custom field builder you can personalize your employee’s profile, add extra information for security purposes.

Hire Best Talents Using Recruitment

Post job circular with the necessary information about the job using the recruitment extension. The Recruitment extension automates your entire hiring process by giving you a step by step process to follow from the interview of candidates to selection.

You can create a questionnaire for your candidates and take screening tests onsite.

PayRoll for Salary Management

With the Payroll extension, create an employee list and manage their remuneration in a structured way.

WordPress Payroll Plugin

After the end of every month, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the employees have got their salary.

Manage Employees by Attendance Extension

Using an attendance extension. employees can check-in and check-out themselves and that data will be saved in the database. Also, it tracks the time an employee has worked in the office.

Multiple shifts can be created for different employees and it will be easier to keep track of their whereabouts.

You can find these features and more in WordPress ERP HRM. Check out these addons of HRM and decide for yourself.

Recently to make your work easier, we have updated the Attendance extension of WP ERP HRM. In the new version, you can create multiple shifts. You can also check-in and check-out multiple times. Let’s see how it works-

Attendance Management with WordPress ERP: How Does It Work (Updated Feature)

We have made some significant changes to the Attendance extension in our WordPress ERP Human Resource Management (HRM) system. In the previous version of Attendance, you can create only one shift and check-in then check-out only once.

But, some improvements have been made to those features. We have introduced Multiple Shifts and Multiple Check-in, Check-out.

Multiple Shifts

Creating multiple shifts is one of the crown jewels of Human Resource Management(HRM) features. There are many types of employees in a company.

Some work in the day shift and some work in the night shift. Therefore keeping track of both shift employees become hard and sometimes it has to be done manually.

Keeping that problem in mind, we have introduced multiple shifts feature. With the new version of Attendance, you can create multiple shifts. Also, with multiple shifts you can generate start and end date for that shift.

This feature is introduced keeping in mind that there may be some employees who are working part-time or contractual. For instance, you can create a shift exactly for that period of time when those employees will be working.

Setting Up Multiple Shifts

To, create multiple shifts, go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Attendance → Shift. Hit the Shift button.

Human Resource Managemnet shiifts
Click On Shifts

Click on Add New Shifts. You will get a pop-up, where you will type the

  • name of the shift
  • Shift Start Time
  • Shift End Time
  • Holidays
New Shift creating For Human Resource Management
Click on Add new Shift

After creating the shift you must generate a start and end date for that shift. Click on the three vertically aligned dots. One of the options will be Generate. Click on that.

Generate shift
Click on Generate

Assign start and end date, select employees for that shift. Click on Generate and your shift will be generated. Employees assigned to that shift can check-in and check-out between the start and end dates.

Assign start and end date and generate

Multiple Check-In & Check-Out

We have added multiple check-in & check-out feature in the new version of the Attendance in HRM. If any employee needs to go out of the office for any personal work, he/she can check-out for that period of time and check-in again after coming back.

Multiple Check-in Check out GIF
Multiple Check-in and Check-out

There is a slight catch in multiple check-in and check-out. The shift duration is for 24 hours. If the shift duration start time is 9:55 am and end time is 9:54 am the next day, that means anyone can check-in or out between these times.

All the working time will be added with the previous day as overtime. When someone checks in after 9:54 am the next day, then that time will be added for that present day.

Check out this documentation to get the full idea.

Wrapping Up on Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System

The workforce is the reason for every companies success. An efficient management system can only boost the success rate. With the right HRM tool, you will get the desired result in running your management system.

Purchasing the new attendance feature of WordPress ERP HRM will not only make your management system smooth but will help you create a friendly working environment

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