The Essential Role of A Human Resource Manager in Modern Businesses

The topic “role of a human resource manager” often drives many of us to the debate, “Do startups and growing businesses need a separate HR Management?” According to most business experts, the resounding and emphatic answer to this question is a big “Yes!“.

The majority of the greatest companies in today’s world were initially used to be small start-ups that grew big over time and later on became giants like Apple, Samsung, Facebook, etc. Why is that? This is because they had a systematic and well-structured HR management process that considered their human resources as human assets in lieu of costs to the organization.

Now, without any further ado, let’s find out the vital roles of a human resource manager for a growing business.

Role of a human resource manager

Human Resource Management is driven with a set of activities that includes the processes of recruiting or hiring employees; planning personnel needs; orienting to the organization; providing training, benefits, and incentives; communicating employees at all levels; managing attendance; evaluating their performance and many more. Here are the most common and important duties and responsibilities played by a skilled HR manager:

Developing employee skills and capacity

HR professionals not only advise supervisors but also advise the top level managers to assign appropriate tasks to the appropriate employees. This distribution of tasks in line with employee preferences helps all the employees a lot to adapt to the ergonomics of the organization so as to give off the best possible results from them.

Having said that, to build an effective workforce, companies often compete with each other in a hunt for the “best talent“. But it’s not all about hiring talents, the role of a human resource manager should be honing the skills of the existing people to develop a competitive advantage with a view to providing with the best possible goods and services to the consumers.

Keeping processes simple

When a small business starts to grow, every process becomes more complex to be handled due to the expanded organizational structure. To get the formal activities done faster and to keep the agile entrepreneurial spirit alive and unstifled, an HR manager can streamline with an HR software that can give him/her an edge over the competitors. Surprisingly, an automated HRM software can allow an HR manager to give customized access to the users in accordance with the roles such as employee, manager, supervisor, HR manager and so on.

This helps the HR manager to keep everything simpler, faster, more consistent and more transparent without even using the papers which is useful to save the dissipation of the hard-earned money.

Motivating the employees

No matter how well planned your employee management strategies are, as an HR manager, you should do all the activities in a way that inspires or motivates each and every person. Since the relationship between HR management and other employee personnel is symbiotic, it becomes essential to shift the tone of the HR management to a little bit of an informal way and in a friendly manner.

Adopting sustainable methods

An HR should look back and determine the best solution to employ for a certain set of problems. It can sometimes be difficult for an HR to see beyond the instant operational issues to determine the most effective solution. This can take place due to the increased pressure of operating activities. To do so, the HR manager should not catch himself or herself in such traps.

For example, if an HR manager used a recruiting software to hire the staffs he or she can estimate the cost and time associated with the process so that he or she can be able to compare with the process of hiring in a regular pen and paper method. This way, the HR manager can deploy the method that brought out the best ROI.

Addressing issues and evaluation

Human resource department must prepare a strategic plan to address the changing employee needs due to the constantly shifting job market. By that, we mean that all the employee compensation and benefits should be assessed on an ongoing basis to check whether those are satisfying the employees or not.

Increasing employee retention

You will be surprised to know that adding a few simple tweaks to the process of employee management can significantly increase the employee retention rate. Tweaks like additional holidays, retirement benefits, incentives, health plans can imprint positive lines on the minds of employees and so will help to increase employee retention rate over a certain period.

Aligning HR and business strategies

In order to achieve long-term sustainable growth with a high performance, an HR is required to disseminate the insensitive business strategies to the common employees so that everyone can be on the same page. This process of aligning the HR with Business strategies integrates all the sporadic efforts into a single force. Being a Human Resource manager, one should make sure that the information passing through the HR department is up-to-the-minute.

Final thoughts

A human resource manager ensures to carry out these tasks efficiently that adds fuel to the growth of a growing startup business. In addition, as an HR manager evaluates his or her employees and directly reports to the general manager, they indirectly play the role of a consultant, not just a worker in a secluded business function!

However, the role of an HR manager can be really overwhelming especially when the business starts to grow faster. To tackle this hassle, an automated HRM solution can play a big part and give a head-start. If you are facing difficulties to manage the HR department of your growing business, you can try out the WordPress HRM tool to get things done in the simpler and swifter method.

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