How To Use Twitter For Your Business (15 Examples Of Top Brands)

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms which provides extensive advertising and marketing opportunities to brands and companies.

In the beginning, Twitter was a different social media platform particularly meant for individuals who seek real-time political, economic and social information.

Twitter was also meant for sharing of personal thoughts and ideas. However, with the passage of time and advancements in the fields of online marketing and advertising, Twitter has evolved as one of the best social media platforms for communication and customer engagement.

So, with a lot of real-time information and interest group following celebrities and individuals, Twitter has become a secure place to share your moments, ideas and information related to any aspect of your life, job, and business.

Besides, it also helps people to raise their voices against cruelty, injustice, and inhumanity.

How to use Twitter for business

The best example of this can be drawn from the tweet of James Buck, which says “Arrested” when Buck a US student got arrested by Egyptian authorities for an anti-government protest.

Subsequently, Buck’s Tweet raised alarms in the international community and media, and he was then released following a backlash from several international human rights groups and agencies.

Twitter Marketing at a Glance

Yes, Twitter Marketing is a great way to promote your business and grow it with effective social media marketing strategies. Twitter provides an easy and simple process to create your company’s page and start marketing your products.

You can start by filling out your details and bio, and you are ready to send your first Tweet.

So, send your messages to as many followers as you can make. You can also make your tweets public to be seen by anyone who is not your follower.

Besides, you can also try Twitter Business Tools and techniques for best use of Twitter. It offers videos, advertisements and promotes mode to modify your ads and make them attractive for your target audience.

You do not need to be a big brand or business to get effective results on Twitter. The thing you only need is to learn about Twitter page handling and management. You can also try and make a new trend which can be attractive for users. Here are

15 Best Examples of How Top Brands Use Twitter

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein ensures the best use of Twitter

Calvin Klein has a moderate presence on Twitter. They usually post photos and videos of celebrities wearing Calvin Klein. Most of their tweets are also related to sales and advertising.

We have found that the brand is more focused on creating brand-value through Twitter because it is advertising its products by linking them with celebrities.

It is, indeed, an unusual approach. However, their advertising and sales mix with their strategy to increase brand value.

So, if they advertise their products comprehensively by separating their sales and brand value strategy, then they can increase their followers.

Forever 21

Forever21 knows how to use Twitter for business

Forever 21 has a simple yet effective marketing strategy to promote its products on Twitter. The company uses images of its products, along with a huge focus on new items added regularly.

Forever 21 has mastered the art of customer engagement

So. it creates funny things and ideas for promotion. The Twitter page of the brand showcases brand information and specific ideas which fall under the business domains of the brand- for instance, the news of different brands collaborating with Forever 21.


See how Starbucks ensured the best use of Twitter

With a cause-related marketing strategy and a great emphasis on changing the world and business processes, Starbucks Coffee’s Twitter page can be categorized under one of the most influential brand pages on Twitter.

With 11.4 million followers and increasing, Starbucks is providing catchy stuff to interact with its followers.

The company mostly Tweets on behalf of other humanitarian organizations such as Feeding America to attach some cause with its posts.

Similarly, Starbucks is also focused on promoting its coffee products on Twitter. It provides attractive videos and images to display its products effectively.


Amazon knows how to use Twitter for business

An eye-catchy cover photo with a promotion message is what Amazon offers to its Twitter followers nowadays. Yes, the Amazon Prime Day, which is due in a few days, is what Amazon is promoting on its Twitter.

It relates to Amazon’s strategy of keeping its followers engaged. Besides, the company also promotes its products on Twitter. For instance,

Amazon has collaborated with famous singer Taylor Swift who is promoting Amazon prime day in a video message.

So, Amazon Music is being promoted by different celebrities. Amazon also provides updates related to new stores which are online on Amazon.


McDonald's prefers Twitter for digital marketing

MacDonald’s is as famous on Twitter as it is in the real world. The company posts product promotion videos and images on its Twitter page to grab the interest of followers.

Macdonald’s is also promoting health causes, and it provides productive information which is mostly related to raw materials used in its food products.

So, it is promoting the health interests of its followers to build their interest.


Check out how Sony get the best use of Twitter

Take a look at Sony’s Twitter page, and you will realize that what the company is up to and how it is venturing into several products and services that have become a part of its portfolio.

Sony promotes its products through sales promotion on Twitter, and it effectively utilizes this advertising and marketing platform to attract maximum customers.

Besides, Sony also engages its followers with cause-related marketing by showing its efforts in corporate social responsibility programs.


PlayStation is aware about how to use Twitter effectively

PlayStation effectively relates its products with its website through Twitter posts.

The idea to advertise products on Twitter pages is simple, but it demands a huge level of interactivity.

The followers may ask different questions related to PlayStation latest products.

So, the company retweets them and provide them with the best level of interaction through social media.

JetBlue Airways

Check JetBlue Airways page and learn how to use Twitter effectively

Keeping a strong branding strategy, JetBlue Airways provides a blue colored theme on it’s Twitter page.

The company has kept its brand image intact with highly relevant content for its followers.

JetBlue Airways often posts images of its aircraft to provide a sense of satisfaction to its followers by building trust. The images of aircraft are essential to promote customer interests as they should know that on which aircraft they would be traveling.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Twitter page

You will be amazed to see more than 3.5 million followers on Michael Kors’ Twitter page not because it is a huge number but due to its famous brand name despite being a one man’s fashion company.

Yes, you have heard it right. Michael Kors is not as famous as other brands in the same industry.

However, it has engaged a large number of follower on Twitter by posting appealing images. The results of these efforts are mind-blowing, and they directly help in business growth.

General Electric

General Electric makes sure how to use Twitter perfectly

Twitter followers usually show interests in clothing, food, and tourism.

However, the reverse of it can be observed on General Electric’s Twitter page as it puts considerable efforts to attract followers.

With most of the posts focused on electrical products, it seems that the company has not yet strategized its Twitter marketing efforts.

However, with thousands of followers, the company can improve its presence by attracting people through cause-related posts such as the environmental impacts of modern engineering marvels.


TOMS uses Twitter effectively

TOMS is a cause-based company, and it is already doing a great job from both business and social point of view. It has maintained a Twitter page with most of the posts focused on its products.

However, TOMS can increase its followers by posting general trends in the shoe industry and also linking its cause with other social and charity organizations.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is properly using Twitter for their business

With the majority of Twitter posts related to food items and food industry, Whole Foods provide a good platform to its followers by keeping them updated about the aspects of its food products.

The company focuses more on providing information rather than selling its products. This idea is great when it comes to winning more and more hearts.


Etsy is aware about how to use Twitter for business

Etsy offers humorous posts and engaging content on Twitter. The company fully utilizes the social media platform to interact with its followers through retweets.

Etsy has kept a strong presence on Twitter to make sure that its products are marketed effectively.


AddThis effectively uses Twitter

AddThis provides useful information to their followers related to their products and services.

Their posts contain images of their products, which is quite effective when it comes to customer engagement and building their interests.


Subway is one of the best examples of Twitter marketing

Subway uses colorful images and brand logo to attract followers on Twitter.

The company strives to bring more and more followers because it faces huge competition from other brands on social media marketing platforms.

Subway also uses animated gifs and videos to grab the attention of its followers.

How to Use Twitter Effectively for Your Business

Twitter has become a strong social media platform by helping businesses in growth and expansion.

However, it depends on a brand or a company that how effectively it promotes its products and services. The brands mentioned above have different strategies according to the type of industry in which they operate.

Accordingly, most of the brands provide engaging content such as images, videos, and infographics to maintain the interests of their followers.

Ensure The Best Use Of Twitter

Twitter has become a multi-purpose platform from international news to advertising products and services. These aspects have increased the number of active users on Twitter, which have now crossed 335 million and availing several opportunities through the best use of Twitter.

So, the businesses have immense opportunities to grow and expand by attracting followers on their Twitter pages. It keeps the followers engage and loyal to the brands.

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