How AI Chatbots Can Help You Grow Your Business

You just made a smart deal with the developer company or manufacturer on your desired items. What if you know that the speaker on the other side wasn’t even a person? Yes, talking robots aren’t something new that needs to be introduced today. Artificial intelligence (AI chatbots) is increasing both the power and growth of the entire automation process over a few years.

According to Gartner’s forecast, over 50% of medium and large enterprises will make use of chatbots in their business operations by 2020.

Companies like Pizza Hut, Sephora, and Whole Foods are giving a major focus on developing AI chatbots to automate their order taking process and to ensure better customer service. So, you need to take it seriously if you’re running a business whether its B2B or B2C. AI chatbots are becoming the next final move for businesses especially eCommerce.

In this post, we have described how you can take this advantage and also what you should know about AI chatbots with recent examples.

AI And Its Increasing Growth

AI Chatbots

A chatbot is nothing but an automated technology. It’s a customized computer program that conducts conversations with the customers in spoken, written or both. Developers are trying to design it in a way that people couldn’t understand they are talking to intangible robots!

Check the effectiveness of customer service chatbots over a few years.


The term chatbot comes from the ‘chatterbot’, coined by inventor Michael Mauldin in 1994. Michael created Julia, the first chatbot. AI chatbots are also recognized by many other terms like the ‘bot, talking bot, intelligent chatbot, conversation bot, interactive agent, or virtual talk chatbot’ etc.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to process data by discovering certain patterns in the given data. These chatbots are able to apply the patterns and provide required data in similar or slightly changed use cases. This ability of the talking bots is recognized as ‘intelligence’.

Source: Smartsheet

Using this capability the AI chatbots perform communicating tasks, solve different problems and manage business information without any human intervention. The more smoothly and accurately a chatbot could perform, the more it recognized as intelligent and powerful.

The Evolution of Chatbots

It’s over 50 years now when this journey was started. Eliza was the first developed bot that released in 1966. Chatbots have come a long way then. Today, in some cases, these chatbots are becoming more capable to apply machine-learning and providing accurate data almost like human being.

Check out this 50+ years journey of these chatbots in below infographic.

You can check why and how is the popular social sharing platform Facebook investing and researching on Artificial Intelligence to increase better user experience.

3 Ways AI Chatbots Can Help You Grow Your Business

These days we are moving to an automated system faster than ever. From personal communications to making buying decisions, all are just one click away now. If you want to ensure powerful results from your business, the short simple solution is automation.

So, how would you be benefited by AI chatbots? Check these 5 awesome ways.

Easy Selling with AI Chatbots

To make a sale, you may follow a wait and see process like many others. Applying sales funnel, investing a lot of money when you get some traffics; you can’t do much without waiting to see when they make a purchase. Your website, landing pages, contents, ads all are only for encouraging them!

Now think, if you have an AI-powered marketing chatbot (in a form like CTA) in your landing pages that ask people to talk to them instantly about what they want and help to inform them how to find their desired products/services and even redirect them to your payment methodology- isn’t it better than your running process?

Yes, AI chatbot can make all these tasks and can help you get sales! Check some awesome chatbot examples from the top brands.

Bots Are Better than Email-Converting!

E-mail is still one of the best converting tools out there. But if you keep all your eggs in the basket of e-mail marketing, that couldn’t be a wise decision. Since you are doing e-mail marketing, you know that opening and especially click-through rates in the direct mailing are decreasing day by day. It’s obviously a bit of alarming.

You can take help of AI chatbots to grab more results. In spite of asking someone for his/her e-mail, if you can build a community of your running and upcoming (future) users by a specially designed solution or the available solution like Facebook Messenger and offer a solution directly anytime instantly; it will surely affect your sales and make your customer service far better.

Real-time Customers Service

There is no doubt that customer service is the most significant thing you need to consider these days. Your sales, business growth and future path all are mainly dependent on the way you manage your running customers.

If you can just double your sales by ensuring a real-time response to your customers.


And you know that a customized AI chatbot can help you the best through providing instant customer feedback.

Bonus Point: Make Your Team more Productive

No one likes doing repeating work over a long period of time. If a person’s job indicates repetitive tasks, he or she can make mistakes. But chatbots don’t care.

AI chatbots automate repetitive operations and free people from the recurring schedule. So, these solutions allow human workers to perform more enjoyable and productive tasks and be happy with their jobs.

A Long Way to Go

Top brands around the world now going to a more automated business management. AI chatbots are becoming the next final move for even small to medium businesses. So, what would you do?

While sales are the main object behind any business, you shouldn’t hesitate to go forward with solution like AI chatbots. You can start with free solutions like Facebook messenger etc. and then try to develop a customized one. You will surely get a win at the end of the day.

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