What Are the Good Alternatives to ‘SmartRecruiters’ Applicant Tracking System?

As the job market is flooded with hundreds of applications and resumes, staffing employees the right way has been a great challenge for any recruiter or hiring agency.

Consequently, being bogged down and overwhelmed with administrative planning, paperwork, and execution has been a commonplace for them too. To rescue them from this hassle, the recruitment tools immediately come to the spot!

Here is a stat that shows how an applicant tracking system can benefit you:

benefits of applicant tracking system

And, in this regard, SmartRecruiters can be a great option for any recruiters or hiring agency to start with! It is a web-based hiring platform that is niftily aligned with the concept of user-friendliness.

Being a web-based hiring tool, it runs on any device whether it is Mac, PC, iPhone or Android. With this recruitment solution, users can post jobs, review a candidate, apply for a job and so many more at their disposal.

The best part of the tool is that it has social-platform-like features that facilitate the collaborative rating of the applicants. However, it is not the only good solution available out there.

In this article, I will walk you through some of the best alternatives to SmartRecruiters. So, let’s sit tight and get enlighted

WP ERP HRM Recruitment

alternative to smartrecruiters

If you are having difficulties in tackling all the challenges and complexities, then the WP ERP HRM Recruitment has got you covered.

If you do have a WordPress website, then you can easily streamline your hiring process with the WP ERP HRM Recruitment software. It is basically an extension of the HRM module of the WordPress ERP.

Meaning that this hiring application has integration with the core ERP system and with the other extensions like HRM training, employees, etc.

With this tool, you can automate your recruitment process in the following ways:

  • Create sets of questionnaires online.
  • Assign results automatically to the candidate profile.
  • No requirement for unnecessary paperwork.
  • Post and manager jobs only on your website. Meaning that no more paying to a third-party job application.
  • Sort and organize CV submissions of the job applicants.
  • Automate Workflow, change the candidate status and assign employees to-dos to manage job candidates such as screening, interviewing, on-boarding, etc.
  • Rate candidates collaboratively.
  • Download the CSV report of your job opening and candidates.
  • and so on…

As the WP ERP HRM’s Recruitment system is web-based, it runs on any operating system and device. If you want to have a hands-on experience you can try its free demo. You can also check out its full documentation from here.

Zoho Recruit

alternative to smartrecruiters

Zoho Recruit is a complete applicant tracking system that aligns with a great number of recruiters’ requirements. It caters to diverse, end-to-end hiring solutions for staffing agencies, corporate HRs, and a temporary workforce.

Without juggling across different media, it enables you to find, track and hire the best candidates for your business providing with reports and analytics at your fingertips. It helps you plan better hiring strategies and automate a number of recruitment activities such as updating interview status, sending emails, etc.


alternative to smartrecruiters

Lever suits companies of any size and in any industry as it is flexible and can be scaled up later as per your business needs. It provides everything required to attract, source, nurture and hire the best candidates for your business.

In case you are not convinced, more than 2,500 businesses around the world including the teams at Hot Topic, Netflix, KPMG New Zealand are using Lever. So you can rest assured of its quality. The fact that it integrates with most other leading HR technology platform is quite noteworthy.


alternative to smartrecruiters

ClearCompany Talent Management platform is targeted towards, executives, managers, and HR professionals, as well as employees. It not only helps you to perform better recruiting but also serves to enhance the current employee engagement.

The tool includes these three stand-alone solutions:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Performance Management

Fortunately, you can avail of any of these three standalone solutions separately to save your bank!

The good news is that you can integrate each of these systems with your existing ERP solutions. Moreover, by automating reporting and compliance forms, you can stay compliant.

Breezy HR

alternative to smartrecruiters

With Breezy HR, you can streamline your hiring process by managing with dragging and dropping candidate information. Moreover, with a real-time commenting system, you can invite other members of your business to provide feedback on candidates. It also lets you source candidates from different sites like Github and LinkedIn.

You can also integrate this tool with Google Apps, Slack, Microsoft outlook and BambooHR. Apart from the web-based version, this tool is also available as an app for iOS and Android.

Bamboo HR

alternative to smartrecruiters

If your company is small and medium-sized, Bamboo HR ATS can give your business a massive boost. Its applicant tracking system is developed to meet the requirements of hiring practices.

Since the tool has an integration with the BambooHR’s HRMS, all you have to do is to mark the status of candidates as ‘hired’.

Other benefits of BambooHR ATS include a user-friendly interface to find candidate profiles, mobile platform oriented job posting, collaborative post feedback on candidates by hiring managers straight from the module.


alternative to smartrecruiters

ApplicantStack is another great applicant tracking and onboarding software that fits perfectly with the small and medium-sized businesses. It is a cloud-based service which means you can sign up and start using it right away!

With this applicant tracking software, you can start off posting jobs online with free distribution to different job sites like JuJu, LinkedIn Limited Postings, Indeed, as well as on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can configure automated hiring workflow and setup screening and request others to give feedback.

The onboarding feature of the application will help you make your employees productive from the very first day! While using the software, you can make sure compliance at every step and most importantly, you can get both ad-hoc and custom reports for your hiring and onboarding management process.

It comes off with a free 15-day trial period that requires no credit card. You can also check its demo version.

Over to You

The recruitment systems mentioned above are all great tools to make your hiring process easier, faster and more cost-effective. We are not saying that a particular recruitment tool from the above listicle is the best choice for you.

To pick the right one for you, first things first, you need to determine the size of your business and the process of your hiring workflow. Then you can choose the recruitment solution that aligns with your needs.

Finally, if you do have a WordPress site and want a standalone solution, trying to cut costs at the same time, we will suggest you use the WP ERP Recruitment solution.

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