Predicted Future of Human Resource Management in 2020 (Changes, Challenges & Trends)

Human resource management is the pillar of any organization, company or business plan. A human resource manager knows how to deal with the employee and run the whole production. 

The time is not very far away from where an HRM acts like a high school principal and everyone used to frightened of him. Because any co-worker could be fired at any time for their single mistake. But the workplace has changed today as well as the HRM. And, there are a lot more changes are coming. 

The future of human resource management is highly beneficial for employees and the corporation. Read the entire article to get updated about the huge changes in HRM in the future and so on. 

Top 6 Crucial Changes in Human Resource Management: Previous to Now 

Changes in Human Resource Management

Aside from hiring and firing the HRM environment in workplaces has developed a lot. Here we have pointed out some specific changes from previous to now. All of them will describe the major changes in HRM now and in the near future. 

Hiring and Firing to Empowering

Now HR doesn’t stop after hiring an employee, they try to empower the coworker according to the organization’s needs. This single step assures a work-friendly environment for the new person and thus he/ she tries to provide the best working effort for the company. 

Also, the whole production keeps a warm atmosphere, which encourages the new person to implement in group work. 

Inspector to Mentor an Employee

The mentality of judging anyone or finding the mistake has changed to mentoring and monitoring an employee in human resource management. 

Now, the HR department sometimes hires trainers for developing the skill of the coworker. So, the employees get the chance to fix themselves to walk on the right track along with the company and its policy. 

Non-technological to Advance-technology in Workplace

Technology has taken over the whole world, so HRM has to be updated in that way. To expand its role they have started to use tools like big data & analytics. A while ago they used emotions and traditional rules to make and take decisions. 

There are several software and plugins on the web, which creates a reliable and clear platform for both employees and HR just like WP ERP and which is used to basically monitor and manage complete employee activities. 

Moreover, the WP ERP business solution is an advanced use of technology to create a hassle-free working area in any job sector. 

Non-representative to Leading Everyone  

HR department not telling anything outside the paper is now a rarity. Today, HRM constructs the employees by shaping them as organization strategy. 

The impact of this act is eye-catching thus most of the developing companies follow this approach and the benefit of the company is rising day by day.  

Consider Benefits to Figure Out Employee’s Demand

Now the HR departments gives a lot of interest in taking into account the employee’s demand rather than just company benefits. 

HRM tries to know about the worker’s experience in the office and fill their all possible requirements. In return, the organization gets a notable positive impact and huge profit.

Virtual Workplace Increases 

Working at the office was a must in most of the company but now the working culture has changed in a different way. A virtual or remote job has created very efficient opportunities for both HR and workers. 

Here the HR manager just needs to maintain worker proficiency and regularity by contacting him timely. 

On the other hand, the pragmatic workers can complete the task comfortably at home and, He/she won’t have issues with transportation or accommodation.  

The core benefit of this remote workforce is grasping a qualified worker even if the person is so far from your company’s locality. 

Top 5 Emerging Future Challenges of Human Resource Management 

As an HR manager, you may know how many challenges you have to face in this sector of work. And, in the future, challenges are taking a huge shape. You need to be more careful and tricky in every area of your HR department. So let’s check out some of the common challenges to look out for in the future: 

Attract Top Qualified Candidate

If you want to grab the perfect person for your company, you have to know the company’s requirements and the possible benefits for the candidate

You need to act as a hub between those two sectors. If one seems unsatisfied, the HRM has to explain the reason. 

Sometimes it looks difficult as the official policy and worker requirement change from time to time. 

Evolve the Future Leader

All teams can not perform at the same level and a team leader is responsible for that. Numerous employees want to quit jobs for a poor connection with the boss or the person in charge. So, it is very important to communicate with the talented coworkers and inspire them to be a leader for the future. 

HR has to groom the current employees of the company for the future and that’s a huge challenge to handle for HR management. 

The company and the HR both have to grow the belief in them that the qualified and deserving employees are actually valued in the office. 

Care for Workers Health and Safety

One of the more obvious HR challenges is the health and after that safety is a big issue. A human resource manager has to think about the worker’s wellbeing beside the workflow. And it’s not only regarding hygiene and safety. 

Nowadays the psychological well-being of the employees is important for sticking on the improvement scale. For example, HR can create a nap zone, a play station for relieving the workers while bored.  

Adjustable Working Arrangements 

The next generation of employees demands to work in a flexible atmosphere and the major part of them are concerned about giving results and not serving in a regular 9 to 6 set-up. And, truly that will not disrupt the company discipline. This simple demand will help the employee to operate how they prefer to complete the given tasks. 

The good news is that 40% of HR pros have experienced that it can be a winning part.

Promotion & Career Progress Opportunities

If you want to shine in your industry and compete with your competitors, you have to seriously think about the worker’s progression.

This might be a challenge to a few HR management teams but should consider it as an investment. Because it can boost the place of the company in the race of that specific business.  

10 Recent Popular Trends in Human Resource Management

HR Trends

For the last few years, there are some major noticeable trends in the human resource management industry. The HRM has gone far ahead than only just professional development recruitment, benefits, and an attendance management system. Here we are listing some of the recent trends in daily HRM drills. 

  1. Understanding employee experience
  2. Using a high-level human analytics
  3. Using the augmented reality
  4. Constantly learning the management system
  5. Trigger the performance of the workforce by rewarding them 
  6. Using online skill assessments to prove the effectiveness 
  7. Using the biometric time tracker and security
  8. Setting up classes or sessions like yoga or counseling to improve the employee’s work-life balance
  9. Transformation of employee leadership to lead a team
  10. Recruitment through social media and cognitive

Wrapping Up

The future of Human Resource Management will lead to our industrial positive activities. If a company or office has a well-managed and always updated HRM system then it can definitely shine on the specific industry.

Moreover, wanting to automate the HRM in most companies is a common norm nowadays. There are a number of popular HRM solutions that helps business do this quite efficiently. And WP ERP’s HRM module and its extensions are one of them. Now manage the complete employee operation and evaluate their performance effortlessly with this single module of WP ERP.

You can also check out its Free DEMO to have a better idea about the whole employee management process.

Let us know what do you think of this complete HR management solution for your business in the comments below.

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  1. Mostly covered all the points in this write-up. I am keen to know your thoughts on whether mobile technology will become a huge part of the change in near future or not in line with this blog.

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    • Mobile technology is a game-changer for business. Now the mobile apps are updating the use of HR departments function in addition to traditional uses. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Would you care to elaborate more on how you see the future of mobile technology collaborating with Enterprise Solutions such as HR and ERP. I am interested to learn on your take with relevant examples if possible and Please don’t limit your imagination.

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