How ERP WooCommerce Integration Can Boost Your Business

When thinking about starting an online store or e-commerce business using WordPress, the first thing that pops up in mind is WooCommerce. Well, WooCommerce has gained this popularity for their awesome plugin. It has become one of the leading e-commerce software toppling the other platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify, etc. You will be amazed to know the fact ā€“

WooCommerce is currently powering up more than 33% of the world’s web stores!

Although e-commerce about doing the complete business process online – online stores are the most commonly used mode. Sometimes these stores become so large that they need to grow marketplaces.

In such marketplaces or even giant stores, it can get very difficult to maintain customers, reviewing products and most importantly inspecting the orders. Site admins struggle with a huge customer base and keep track of the ordering system. Tools such as CRM and Email campaigns are very handy to provide support to the customers and after-sale services in this case.

ERP is one of the buzzwords within organizations as they can make the impossible happen. Well, they can easily manage the business operations within an organization. What else do you need if you can automate everything?

You may Think ERP is a Big Thing; How it is Relevant to WordPress?

Surprise! ERP is now available on WordPress! Yes, you heard right. WP ERP is the first full-fledged ERP system that can be used within WordPress powered websites. Besides that, you will get the three core modules, CRM, HRM and Accounting for free.

The WooCommerce Integration extension for WP ERP creates a one-way communication channel between these two plugins. As a result, it gives you the opportunity of maintaining your store from the CRM module of WP ERP.

Sync Your WooCommerce Data with WP ERP

This integration is done by syncing WooCommerce order and customer data with WP ERP. This also exports the newly and previously registered customers of your WooCommerce powered store to the CRM module. Besides that, your CRM agent can track customersā€™ sales directly from CRM.


Most importantly, you will be able to view all orders and transactions without going to the WooCommerce menu. You can also let your employees keep track of the sales without giving them access to your WooCommerce plugin!

How is this Helpful?

When you are doing business, it is not about selling products only. You have to provide after-sales services and also perform promotional activities. If you can create a good relationship with your customer, you can easily increase your sales along with your brand value or reputation. Ultimately, you help your business to grow.

By allowing your CRM agents to handle customer relationship staff, you can open a new door for your WooCommerce store. Your agents will be able to provide support easily from the CRM module of WP ERP. Besides that, they can move on to the promotional activities if they have enough information on your customers and what they are buying.

From the CRM module, you or your CRM agent can easily choose any customer and view details about their order and activity on your store. This can greatly help to provide after-sales services, promotional offers and many more.

Easy Customer Targeting and Retargeting

Using the CRM module of WP ERP, you can target specific people from your customer base. You can segment your customers using more than 22 important filters and save those list for supporting and marketing purpose.

Create more Marketing Opportunities Using Email Campaign

WP ERP has another promising and very useful extension, the Email Campaign. It can be used as the alternative of Mailchimp or Mailpoet. This powerful extension has strong graphical capabilities to create perfect and customer-driven emails for marketing purposes.

Using this extension, you can create amazing emails for your customers. This effectively creates new opportunities for the marketing of your business. Let’s how Email Campaigns can improve your marketing and newsletter experience.

At first, you can easily configure standard and also automatic newsletters. Select anyone from your customer base and also use the saved searches (segmentation that you have created using the filters) to send emails.

You can customize the emails the way you want by adding a different section. It is also possible to improve the visualization of your email with text, image, group images, social buttons, custom buttons and also many other important contents.

You can also see the preview of your emails before you sent them to your customers and improve them more where necessary.


Make Things Easy

WooCommerce- the leading eCommerce software works properly with the Accounting module too. You can specify account heads for your WooCommerce business to manage them more easily. Your accountant will be able to calculate everything more accurately using the Accounting modules.

On the other hand, the powerful reporting feature of the Accounting module can help to take important decisions to improve and manage everything easily.

Some Useful Facts & Tips

You will be surprised to learn about various companies, who have successfully improved their marketing strategy and increased their sales by more than 400%. Yes, you heard it right, it’s 400%.

You can also improve your marketing strategy using handy tools such as WP ERP, WooCommerce Integration and Email Campaign. WP ERP has been helping more than 2,000 businesses from more than 30 countries and they are improving themselves day by day. Then, why are you waiting?

Take the challenge and make the best out of your WooCommerce based business using WP ERP. You can also view our documentation to get an in-depth understanding of how WP ERP works with WooCommerce.

WP ERP offers a bundle that contains the WooCommerce Integration and Email Campaign. You will get a 20% discount on the actual price of these plugins. And don’t forget, WP ERP gives you three important modules for free!

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