ERP Software: Building or Buying?

Implementing ERP in your business becomes a necessity. 95% of businesses have seen improvement in their process when they start using enterprise resource planning solutions.

However, if you have a small company, you don’t need to think too much about purchasing an ERP. Only you have a medium or large organization, decision making is a bit confusing. You may be asking industry experts or searching on the web to get resolved. There are two options like building or buying an ERP solution. The question is, what suits best for you?

Don’t worry. We are here to give you a proper guideline to make a fruitful decision.

Implementing ERP Solution – Build or Buy

erp build or buy

How ERP help your company? It manages your business information, streamlined all of your projects, and empowers strategic data to the right places from one single platform. Eventually this all things turn your business process smooth, save valuable time, and lead to profitability.

Hence, Implementing ERP requires certain investments and planning. Either you buy an off-the-shelf solution, or want to develop your very own software, both have particular considerations.

When to Build an ERP System

We’ve sorted out some situations when it fits to build an ERP system. You can start building your ERP from scratch. On the other hand, there are software providers that help you to build a customized or off-the-shelf ERP.

You Need a Large Data Maintenance Solution

Developing ERP on your own isn’t simple. Hence when you are running a company with too many departments and people, everything comes to a point when the number of transactions and information becomes grand. Most possibly, you may apply different data management tools in different sections. Eventually, they messed up if you don’t put them into single system management. In such a situation demands you to build an ERP solution for your business.

You Want More Flexibility and Bigger Scope

Imagine this scenario – you are on a progressing spree and your growth takes a consistent upturn. So frequently it requires you to change ERP plans. Well, in this case, you can go for a custom version or building an ERP system. It will let you make the software according to your business plan. You also customize the tools within the scope of your enterprise.


You Can Afford Time

Well, the development of software demands a dedicated technical team and patience. It may take years to create a full-fledged ERP. So, only when you afford that much time in a world that coins the term, ‘time is money’, you surely get to go.

A Dedicated Support Team Only for Your Business

If you are too critical and sensitive about your technical support and want to recruit a fully dedicated support team, you don’t have any other way. Implement a development team to create an ERP system is only the first step. It seems a never-ending process unless you choose to stop. When you have a team of engineers, you don’t need to think a bit about technical support or going anywhere.

Budget Isn’t a Problem for You

You can see that for obvious. Recruiting a developer team, giving them the necessary resource, time, and support requires a great deal of money. So, only if you have plenty of that stuff, having no budget constraints, only then you can select the option to building an ERP system for your company. See, that’s simply how it sounds.

When to Buy an ERP Software

The easiest way to implement ERP in your business is to buy a package solution. However, every coin has two sides. While a package software solves way for SMEs, the larger companies find it difficult sometimes. Though, there are reliable ones that offer big scale support too.

erp implementation

You Want a Simple and Faster Solution

Do you want to start using ERP right away? To get an instant solution, buying is the most simple and faster option. Either you are a SaaS (software as a service) or WordPress based company, it’s possible to find a package ERP tools anytime. They need only a simple installation effort, although the best ones have the easiest installation and navigation process. After this step, you only need to maintain and utilize the software. You don’t put much tension on the technical aspects. The provider company will solve your problem whenever you need them 24/7.

Searching for a Dependable Brand ERP

Developing software won’t assure brand value. Moreover, it’s a risk. You don’t even know either the developer team can build the product as you wish or not. It’s also an ongoing procedure. Troubles may be going on. Issues will be raised and take time to resolve. On the other hand, there are reliable brands that provide ERP solutions all over the world. The advantage of buying a brand ERP plugin assures quality and powerful support.

You have a limited Budget

Well, the budget is the main issue while choosing an ERP for your business. Developing is a continuous thing. And more time your developer spends, you will be spending more money. If you don’t want to spend too much on, you can have your way with buying one. Package software offers compatible pricing plans. Therefore, you will find a lot of options around you. Following a particular pricing strategy in mind, choosing an ERP won’t be difficult.

Implementing ERP for the First Time

If you are a beginner level ERP user or implementing ERP for the first time in your business, you should choose to buy one. It’s simpler and easy. The vendor company offers you the proper guideline on how to utilize the tools. Learning would be a complex phase when someone chooses to develop software without prior knowledge.

You Can’t Afford Much Time

Most SMEs don’t have that luxury to afford a long time developing an ERP system. Building anything from scratch takes time. Even the biggies companies don’t want to take that luxury unless they bound to do so. You can turn your WordPress site into an ERP anytime with a packaged software. On the contrary, there are no similar words like faster, simpler, or time-saver in creating an ERP.


Want to Focus Solely in Your Business

For example, when you are implementing ERP and customizing it, applying a lot of money, effort, and people, certainly it demands a lot of focus from you. If you don’t want to take that much hassle, purchasing should be a fine ground to land upon.

Let’s Make a Decision

erp for growth

Can’t you able to make a decision yet? Well, let’s put that all the points in a straight line.

You can go for building an ERP system if you have enough money, scope, patience, and utmost need. When you don’t want to spend much money and time, need an easy but powerful ERP solution like WP ERP, buying one is the best choice.

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