5 Powerhouse Extensions To Enhance Your WordPress HR Plugin

HRM is an indispensable function of any business. It keeps track of your employees, their performances and payroll. Conventional HRM performs many specialized and complex functions, and require the help of an expert. But with weDevsFREE Open Source WordPress HR Plugin known as WP ERP, you can be sure that your entire HR management will be smoothly taken care of. WP ERP is incorporated with an HRM module that is going to make HR management easy for you.


An Enterprise Resource Planning aka ERP system not only helps to organize your company, but it also brings together the management of different interactive areas of the company into one platform. WP ERP is the pioneer and only ERP system on WordPress. As a small or medium enterprise, you do not require many sophisticated functions, but just the right ones that you and your managers can operate seamlessly without the need of expert knowledge. Human Resources are the fundamental base of your enterprise resource planning system. Managing employees and putting them in proper position ensures smooth operation of your organization.

The HRM module of FREE WP ERP is endowed with features that will help you to own your business and take your company to the next level:

  • view entire employee lifecycle, including adding information and notes on any events on that employee
  • evaluate employee performance and keep that record in each employee profile
  • easy department management that lets you categorize your employees and even tag them for announcements
  • designation management allows you to list all the available positions and the number of staff in each
  • create leave policies and manage holidays feature that lets you list all the rules to be viewed by everyone. See all leave requests from one place and apply holidays automatically to all
  • HR reporting gives you graphical representations on various factors like age, salary, head count, gender and more
  • rich email templates for internal communication with your employees that are customizable

Though the FREE version of WP ERP is suffices you initially, your needs and expectations will increase with time due to changing environment both internal and external to the organization. Therefore, as you grow in business you need more ways to enhance the performance of your enterprise resource planning system.

To do that you need add-ons that catalyze your existing WP ERP so it functions more efficiently.

That takes us to the main part – below we have listed down Top 5 Extensions of WP ERP that are a must haves for your business and are sure to make your HR management an easy peasy matter!

Top 5 Extensions of WP ERP

1. Asset Manager

Want to create company assets virtually, assign them to employees, and keep track of all your assets in one place?

Imagine if you could handle all your office assets from one platform. Think about all the numerous and various items all over your office – furniture, laptops, office vehicles, and equipment – that you could enter into your EPR system. Your precious assets need an efficient management system, and Asset Manager gives you just that!

With Asset Manager, you can also create categories for your assets, add many details and images, assign to employees, create give and take reports against each asset, check the number of assets given to each employee from HR profile, and send reminders to employees about return dates.

Think about the time and cost you will be saving through this plugin through this organized mechanism. Never again do you have to worry about losing your precious company and office items!

2. Attendance

Every company needs to have a good daily record of employee attendance. Many times it seems like a lot when you consider the amount of information you have to keep track on. But with WP ERP’s Attendance extension, keeping daily record of your staff is going to become secondary in nature and in many ways automated!

With Attendance, you have complete control over what kind of attendance system you would like to have: default (a specific time period for all) or shift-management (you can assign as many shifts as you want to your employees and specify time for them). Your employees can even self-manage by checking in and out on their own directly from their HR profile.

Do more with your extension: – import attendance data from other apps or hardware, generate reports, specify office hours, count late and early entries, automatically calculate work hours and balance them against employee leaves.

Thus you have more control because your daily attendance-keeping becomes more systematized!

3. Document Manager

The paper days are now gone, so why keep yourself disorganized piling up all those documents?

Store your files and paper work through Document Manager, an extension that makes your WP ERP the ideal file management and storage system for your company!

Document Manager is secured and all-in-one, so you wouldn’t need to open another application to manage your files. This extension lets you easily upload files, create directories, support file extensions, and manage access of other staff.

4. Recruitment

This is one of our best selling extensions! The features are numerous and so are the advantages it brings to your business.

Transform your company by using this workflow based organized recruitment system. The Recruitment extension automates your entire hiring process by giving you a step by step process to follow from interview of candidates to selection.

From publishing your vacancy posts, receiving candidate responses, to the selection process, Recruitment takes care of it all single-handedly!

Recruitment allows you to create job posts and publish them directly on your website. Thus you save money and time from posting your job posts on other sites.

No more do you need to go through the time consuming process of taking exams physically or spend anymore resources on it. Because Recruitment allows you to prepare and take online exams of your job candidates through your website with no hassle.

Additionally, you can create candidate profiles through predefined biography forms which you can customize, assign statuses, create custom forms for each recruitment, hire and import candidates on CSV files. Moreover, you can also assign recruitment lead and interviewers, view CVs, and view a candidate’s responses for his/her profile.

5. Reimbursement

HR is not completely independent from other areas. It overlaps with fields like finance and accounting. While performing certain tasks, you may need to have to go beyond performing just theoretical functions.

Want something that connects you with the Accounting module of your WP ERP?
And also lets you handle the expenditures and payments of your employees without the need of specialized knowledge?

With Reimbursement, now you can easily create payment vouchers, see the status of accounts, reimburse from both admin and employee side, and easily approve system payments.

With a seamless connection of this HRM extension with your Accounting module, your WP ERP makes employee management easier and unified!


To run these powerhouse extensions, you need WP ERP plugin, the first of its kind on WordPress that can take your company to the next level. WP ERP comes with HRM, CRM, an Accounting and Project Management module with 20+ extensions to optimize every operation in your business.

What’s more: You can now get these top 5 extensions along with few others (Customer Field Builder, SMS Notification and Workflow) in an irresistible Bundle Offerknown as the great HRM Extension Bundle. This package gives you all these extensions together at a discounted price!

So what are you waiting for? Get More and Save More!

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