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Using WP ERP Reimbursement

WP ERP Reimbursement extension helps you to account for the expenses made by the employees easy and offers a better way to manage.

In this documentation of the feature, we will cover –

  • What Reimbursement is
  • Reimbursement Dashboard
  • How to create a new reimbursement
  • How to complete a new payment
  • Different status of the payments

What is Reimbursement

Reimbursement is a handy add-on for your business that helps you to pay the expenses of your employees easily. It is fully compatible with WP ERP. It also perfectly integrates with WPERP’s Accounting module.

Reimbursement Dashboard

After installing and activating the ERP Reimbursement add-on, navigate to-

WP Dashboard → Accounting → Reimbursement

You will find the Dashboard of Reimbursement add-on.


Creating a New Reimbursement

ERP Reimbursement offers both your employee and the admin of the ERP system to create new receipts. In this section, we will demonstrate how both types of users can create a new receipt.

You as an Admin

  • Click on the New Reimbursement button located at the top of the dashboard.
Click on New Reimbursement

It will redirect you to the New Reimbursement creation page. You will get the list of your employees from the HRM module.

  • Click on the Receipt From dropdown button and the list will appear.
 Reimbursement creation page WP ERP Reimbursement
  • Now, select the Payment Method, Account Name and Payment Date.
Add payment and date
  • Then, hit the Save button to finish creating Reimbursement.
Save button to create reimbursement

It will create an Invoice. To view the Invoice,

  • go back to the Reimbursement dashboard and click on the Voucher No.
Voucher no WP ERP Reimbursement

Now, you can view the Invoice for the Reimbursement. If you want you can send an email to the employee. Just click on the More Actions button. you will find the option to Send Email.


You as an Employee

Employees also can create Reimbursement requests. To do that,

  • log in to your WP Dashboard and click on the Reimbursement under HR Management.
User Dashboard WP ERP Reimbursement

You will be redirected to your Reimbursement Dashboard.

Reimbursement dashboard
  • Now, click on the New Receipt button to create a new reimbursement receipt.
New Reciept Button

Then, provide all the necessary information required. You can add Date, Reference Number, Amount.

Add neccessary information

Also, you can add an extra line if you have more reimbursement payments. Just click on the Add Line button. Also, you can attach any documents if required. For that,

  • click on the Select Files button. Hit the Save button to finish.
Add Line and Attach Files WP ERP Reimbursement

An Invoice will be created. To view the invoice,

  • go back to your Reimbursement dashboard. Then click on the Request Id No.
reimbursement dashhboard

You will be redirected to the Invoice page.

Invoice page_user WP ERP Reimbursement

You can view the complete transactions.

Approving a Receipt and Completing Payment

Now, to accept the Reimbursement request the admin need to navigate to the Reimbursement Dashboard. Then, click on the Request button.

Click on Requests Button

You will be redirected to the Requests dashboard. There you can either click on the Voucher No or the Three Vertically Aligned Dots and click on View.

View Invoice_WP ERP Reimbursement

You will be redirected to the Invoice page. You can view the whole transaction. To complete the transaction, click on the Pay Now button.

Invoice_Pay now

When you hit the Pay Now button, you will see the New Reimbursement page. There you need to add the Payment Method, Payment Account, Payment Date. Lastly, hit the Save button to finish.

Save Button_New Reimbursement WP ERP Reimbursement

To make sure if the payment is done successfully or not, go back to the Reimbursement dashboard. You will notice that the payment reads Closed. That means the Reimbursement is completed.

Reimbursement closed_WP ERP Reimbursement

Note: If you somehow make a mistake or give extra money for Reimbursement, then there is a way to rectify this mistake. All you have to do is create a New Reimbursement but this time the Voucher Type will be Credit. Lastly, enter the extra amount and the trial balance will even out.

That is all for the WP ERP Reimbursement plugin.

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