Make Your Sales Process A Pipeline To Success With CRM ‘Deals’ Software

Do you have any idea how many hours your sales team loses each week for not having proper automation in the CRM sales process? Well, now this issue can very easily get resolved with CRM ‘Deals’ software, a sales process management tool. So, it is high time that for a better productivity your sales team adapt and equip themselves with the latest technology of sales management tools.

Being able to manage deals efficiently is the most important part of any business. This is why you require a software or application that will not only help you manage your deals easily but will also save a lot of your valuable time in the process.

What Leads To A Sales Success?

Well, it won’t be too wrong to say that pipeline management of your sales deals is indeed the leading factor to successful sales. This is purely because your team sees things on the same page when you follow a systemized approach while closing deals with customers. Not just deals but also foresees different expectations and measures outcomes correctly. Now, all these entities help a team optimize the operation of their sales process.

An important thing to note that this formal way of sales process doesn’t hinder the selling skills by any means. More positively said, for a proper sales skill training, an effective and reliable CRM system plays a very key role. Not to mention its extensions that multiplies it’s capabilities to a number of times.

So in this post, we will be discussing one such CRM software that will change your experience of managing all your deals and sales process workflow at once. It is named ‘CRM Deals’ and it enables all its user to organize and manage the deals and contacts much faster.

WP ERP Integrated with Deals add ons

How Does ‘Deals’ Software Helps Skyrocket CRM Sales Process?

Manage Sales Process Pipelines

Manage Sales Process Pipeline

Depending on product subscription, the number of sales/deals pipelines varies time to time. Now with ‘Deals’ software, you can create, manage, maintain and organize multiple deals pipelines at the same time.

Manage Several Stages Of Deal Assignments

Manage Several Stages of deals

Let’s say you have two separate sales teams, one for inbound sales and another for outbound sales. Each of these team would certainly have a different sequence of stages. And now with ‘Deals’, you can assign to multiple stages which will help you turn a potential customer into a paying one.

Create, Update And Edit Several Dealing Stages

Create, Update, Edit dealing Stage

Dealing stages represents steps included in your sales process pipeline. And sales deal that you create should always start from the left column and can be dragged and moved into the other columns as the deal progresses. There might be a limitless number of times the stages of sales process will need to be created, updated and edited. And with ‘Deals’ you can do just that to manage the dealing stages all better.

Change Between Stages Easily

Easily Change between stages

Wouldn’t it be too much convenient, if you could drag & drop the next sales stages along the pipeline? Now you can do just that with ‘Deals’ software. Simply move the deal stage into the desired box by clicking and dragging it along the sales process pipeline. If required you are also able to delete deals or send them to another pipeline at any time.

Create Schedules & Assign Task

Schedule & Assign Task

While running a sales project certain task might be a responsibility for small sales teams. So you might require assigning & scheduling tasks to multiple people within the contact groups due to the team being flat in the hierarchy. Now, this is super easy with the ‘Deals’ software. As it helps all those contacts to receive reminders, sales updates request, deal status, notifications etc.

Real-Time Status Reports

Real-Time Status Report

Knowing about the progress of sales process with the real-time status report is very important. Now you can monitor the stage by stage development of your deal and sales progress with the facility of inspecting the status report in real-time. And all this is now possible by integrating the ‘Deals’ Software in your CRM.

Key Benefits Of ‘Deals’ At A Glance

Overview of Deals Dashboard

  • Capability to represent activity & sales data in an easy to understand and a fresh looking design & chart board.
  • It has an automated deals and sales management pipeline-based system that is totally customizable for your own need.
  • Easy integration to CRM solution platform like WP ERP and more.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of all your sales process and deal to overview them at one place whenever you need it.
  • Generate, monitor, designate and schedule user activities with its inbuilt sales process management system.
  • Has comprehensive and efficient abilities to generate reports that can track and review deals in progress and completed.


It is evident that to successfully manage and close deals of your business your need skillful troops behind you. So just having a good tool to manage sales deals don’t always get the job done for your company. The combination of an effective deal management tool and a skillful sales manager goes hand in hand to make any sales deal a successful one.

You may say that the moment we shake hands with our clients after signing the contract, the deal is done. But it is not always that simple. As your business grows while handing big deals, you will require a tool that will completely improve your sales and scale development outreach.

A comprehensive CRM solution generates invoices and quotes directly from deals as well as accept payments at the same place. It normally enables you to automate your company’s sales and deals management process by sending emails, creating a relevant task, giving alerts when a deal changes its course.

Wrapping Things Up

Being able to understand the mindset of your clients, knowing when a prospect is about to close the deal and giving your sales team enough information to make important decisions are all key attributes to effective selling. And an advanced and compact CRM platform will support all these things. One such CRM solution platform is WP ERP. With this platform, you can not only manage your CRM but can handsomely manage all your HR-related issues with its built-in HRM solution. Above that, you can also integrate the above mentioned ‘Deals’ software to its full effect with WP ERP.

So if you still haven’t tried this advanced CRM and HRM solution platform then you may try its demo or get WP ERP from the link below:

But if you are already using a CRM solution that is doing a good job for your company then do share the tips & tricks on how to use a CRM software effectively to close more deals.

Also feel free to share any suggestions or feedback that you have regarding WP ERP in the comments below

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