How to Communicate with Your Employees Using HRM Announcement

The productivity of your organization significantly banks upon an effective way of communication. However, effective way of communication may not be always available for every organization. Due to an organization’s poor communication structure, the completion of a task tends to take more time than usual.

Most, if not all cases, announcements are made within an organization from time to time. Undoubtedly, they belong to the most fundamental factors of Human Resource Management. In this regard, only will swift and easy way of communication help you make a difference!

Traditionally, Emails and Memoranda might come in handy to serve this purpose to some extent. But, in reality, it would take much longer if a manager sends hard copies or emails for announcements to his/her employees.

But it’s not always the case! WP ERP’s HRM brings the Announcement feature to save your valuable time and minimize your effort!

Why is Announcement Important?

No matter what the type or size of an organization is, announcements are often made within an organization. Usually, when someone announces something it indicates that the news should be shared with the specified person(s). So the importance of announcement is beyond description.

For instance, a manager can make an announcement at an employee promotion, a new product line for the company, hitting a target or goal, holiday parties, new benefit programs, stock information or the acquisition of a new client and so on. Regardless of the type of announcement, a manager has to make sure that the announcements made by him are properly received by the target employee(s).

Get Rid of the Traditional Email Crafting & Boring Paperwork!

Announcements can be made effortlessly if you are using WP ERP. Being world’s first WordPress plugin for solving HRM, CRM, and Accounting related problems, it will solve announcement issues too. 

Now, forget all the cliched email crafting and paperwork! The HRM module of WP ERP will allow you to make the necessary announcements. How can you do it? Well, all you need to do is install the WP ERP like all other WordPress Plugins. After having installed, just navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → HR Management → Announcement.

When you go there, you will see the following screen:

If you hit the Add Announcement button, you will get all the necessary options to type in your Announcement! After typing the announcement-texts, just click on the Publish button to make your announcement visible to your employees. Cool, right?

Customize Your Announcement for the Target Employees!

Amazingly, you can even customize your announcement for your target employees! It’s undoubtedly the coolest feature that you could get if you are using WP ERP. While creating an Announcement, you will find Send Announcement To option to target your employees.

You will get this option at the bottom of the page while you are editing your announcement texts. You will be able to select either all employees or Selected Employee or By Department or By Designation from a dropdown list. To post the announcement for all employees of your organization, you can select All Employees option. Let’s see how it looks on the admin screen:

If you select By Department from the Send Announcement To Drop Down items, you will get another option named Select Departments.

With the Select Department option, you can even choose the different department names from the Select Departments option. To do so, you just need to have some department names entered all along.

For a detailed tutorial in order to make announcements in WP ERP’s HRM go through this doc.

Make Announcement from a Single ERP Plugin!

There’s no hustle and bustle for installing any additional extension for availing the Announcement feature. The Announcement feature is integrated with the core software module. You just need to navigate to the HRM module to get the Announcement feature and then make it through as fast as lightning!

Worrying about Maintaining Formal Style?

Forget the formalities whenever crafting announcements! It may make you creased up that you just need to fill out the required fields. Further along the line, the HRM module will automatically show your announcement texts in line with its unique formal style. Let’s see how the target employee(s) will be able to see your announcement.

Just navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → HR Management → Overview to check in what way your audience will be noticing your announcement. Here is a preview:

How Effective is WP ERP for Your Small Business?

You may be wondering about the effectiveness of the WP ERP plugin. Ok, let’s see the following screenshot to know the actual scenario:

Ratings for the plugin shows whether the end-users are happy or not. Most importantly, WP ERP is the first ERP solution for WordPress that will allow you to make all sorts of announcements to boost up your HRM. 

In fact, the maker of the plugin, weDevs itself uses the plugin to solve its day to day HRM, CRM and Accounting related issues. When there is any need for making an announcement the HR manager just types in the announcement text and hits the Publish button to get it done. 

Final Thoughts

Announcements are traditionally made in the form of a business memo or email. A manager not only has to create a memo or email but also has to maintain the formal business style as well. He often has to prepare them from scratch. Additionally, creating and sending memos to the employees maintaining the formal style can often be time-consuming and annoying due to the boring paperwork and repetition!

So, why won’t you save your valuable time and effort by making Announcements in WP ERP? Don’t miss out to make Announcements a piece of cake using a single WordPress plugin and skyrocket your efficiency up to the limit! No more annoyance of wasting extra time for tedious paperwork.

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