Best CRM Plugins for WordPress Compared: An in-depth Analysis

The idea behind implementing a CRM system is to be able to learn more from the interaction with your customers. And so, therefore, CRM plugins in WordPress business site plays an important role in making the customer relationship management process more automated than ever. Moreover, CRM in WordPress has also come a long way over the 8-10 years.

Nowadays, a number of CRM plugins claim themselves to be the best CRM for WordPress. But are they really? That is the question we always ask ourselves before looking to implement a CRM plugin in our growing business.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency -Bill Gates

When it comes to building your customer relationship, then the need for a CRM system automation is inevitable. And in order to get your CRM system automated, you will need CRM plugins that do exactly what it promises.

Over the years there came a number of powerful CRM plugins for WordPress. And for the people who are looking to boost their business automating their customer relationship management, here we have listed some of the best and popular CRM plugins for WordPress that has made quite a buzz in the WordPress fraternity. Many of it has the potential to go big in the future.

But are they really worth your time and money? Well, we are going to find that out in a bit.

But before going into the comparison, let’s find out why is it important for you have CRM Plugins in your company.

Uses and Purposes of Having CRM Plugins in WordPress?

The sole purpose of a CRM plugin is to have a better understanding and interaction with customers. It can help your business to grow. As with the help of CRM plugins, you can very easily turn a lead into a potential buyer. Moreover, it streamlines & automates your CRM workflow in the company.

As far as your business is concerned, the main goal of it is to get an improved number of sales regularly. And an effective CRM solution helps you maintain a better relationship with your customers resulting in an increase in sales. It also enables you to manage customer database in one place.

CRM Use & Purpose

Moreover, after the proper implementation of a CRM system, you are able to use it as a tool for effective communication with your customers. Not just for communication purposes an effective CRM lets you keep track of every interaction with your customers. It provides you with the facility to record email details, contact details, any previous interaction, order, and sales history (Online E-Commerce) and many customer-related details as well.

Note: If you are thinking about implementing a CRM system for the first time in your company then you should consider these tips before getting started to maximize results.

Features & Functions that Makes A CRM Plugin Standout

  • User-Friendly User Interface
  • Email Communication Feature
  • Activity Tracking Ability
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Contact Filtration & Segmentation
  • Searching Options
  • Complete Customer Contact Management
  • Solid Security & Privacy Protection
  • Reporting and Perspicacity
  • Total Company Management
  • Task Management & Scheduling Feature

Top CRM Plugins for WordPress Compared

CRMs are mainly judged on the basis of user-friendliness, communicating features, advanced searching and filtering options, security features, contact management abilities, activity tracking of customers/leads, and overall company management, etc.

So here are some of the top CRM plugins discussed that consist of the features and functionalities mentioned above. Let’s check it out and pick the best one that suits your company’s customer management specifications.



WP ERP is definitely one of the most feature-rich, free and open-source business management tool for WordPress right now. Its 10000+ active installations already prove its popularity, stability, and reliability that it holds among the users currently. The plugin comes with three separate modules including Human Resource (HR), Customer Relations (CR) and Accounting. All its three modules are surprisingly fast and elegantly stores the contacts, records and help you convert the leads into your paying customers in a quick time.

Moreover, for effective project management, it also enables its user to use an additional comprehensive Project Management module in order to operate and manage projects & tasks timely. It is an extended plugin that can easily integrate with the current WP ERP’s CRM solution without any glitch.

It is also known to be one of the most cost-effective yet powerful CRM solution plugins available for WordPress. Moreover, it consists of a number of useful features that cover all the important sectors of managing your HRM, CRM and Accounting needs.

Due to its user-friendliness and unique attributes, it has slowly made its way to the top and it certainly has the potential of going a long way leaving behind all its contemporaries.

Key Highlights & Features

  • View contact with customer life state
  • Log the interaction details of every customer
  • Easy task assigning to team members
  • Get to maintain a personalized approach with each customer
  • Integrate with a number of powerful extensions
  • Use the CRM module to directly schedule meeting/call
  • Advanced contacts filtration using attribute related keyword

Active Installations: 10000+

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

Verdicts: With over 10000+ businesses actively using WP ERP, its main USP is its ease of use and the ability to handle most CRM related tasks with utmost freedom & effectivity. The plugin has a comprehensive demo site, where a user can test out most of its interactive features before investing their money in it.

But there is definitely some improvement scope in its demo site and its dashboard features but other than that it seems like a complete professional CRM plugin for all kinds of users.

Zero BS WordPress CRM

Zero BS WordPress CRM banner image

When it comes to managing your customers effectively, this CRM plugin lives up to its promises quite well. Zero BS WordPress CRM is designed to provide an interactive approach that can very easily turn your leads into a customer. It offers a new B2B mode by which you can add companies and manage them effortlessly.

This free CRM plugin is quite fast and relatively easy to use with mobile devices. It has an in-built quote builder and it can analyze the cause of more sales in a company profoundly to help you maintain it more sincerely. It is also known as multifunctional CRM plugins that allow you to connect with the leads to convert them into customers.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Get to add custom fields to acquire customer details
  • Manage your customer contacts, transactions, etc.
  • Built-in quotes and invoice builder
  • Quick installation process time
  • Easy to operate extensions manager

Active Installations: 2000+

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

Verdicts: Being a relatively new plugin, this has come a long way, from getting an interactive dashboard to making it user-friendly, Zero BS has most of the useful things covered that an effective CRM plugin needs to have. Having said that, it does have some scope of improvement in terms of its usabilities & functionalities.

WordPress Leads

WP Leads Banner Image

This is another innovative CRM plugin that established its name surrounding quality and versatility. With over 5000+ active installs it leaves no doubt on anyone’s mind that it is indeed one of the popular and widely used CRM plugins for WordPress.

The plugin provides you with the ultimate freedom and control over the leads and potential customers based on demographical data and user’s search result history.

It is also a free plugin that collects the submitted data automatically in order to help you retarget them categorically for the future. If there are any, then you will able to synchronize this plugin with third-party CRM.

Conveniently enough, collect your lead and contact data to manage them without any trouble to improve the number of conversion for your company.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Easy lead management by integrating a number of CRM providers
  • User-friendly due to its built-in visual form builder
  • Lead management via easy search, view, and modification of contact info
  • Seamless Integration with a number of useful extensions
  • Gain valuable lead by tracking the activity of visitors to your site
  • Geolocations assistance to get added information about leads

Active Installations: 5000+

Average User Ratings: 3.5/5*

Verdicts: This plugin has the highest number of active installs but its user ratings have dropped significantly over the years. With many other good CRM plugins pouring in, WP Leads will probably need to improve themselves to hold their position in the WordPress market.


WP CRM Banner Image

This plugin is well known for its awesome editing, filtering, and customer organizing ability. When you need to enhance your task management that includes your customers, then this is a plugin you can look into.

WP CRM improves the user management process allowing you to create contact forms easily keeping track of all the interactions with the customers.

The plugin also enables you to generate custom fields to collect custom data. Using these custom forms, you will be able to better analyze the customer contact information including a feature where you can filter the form to sort the customers based on the attributes that you have included. Not to mention, you can add several useful functionalities with WP CRM’s paid extensions.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Representation of data with attributes via dynamic charts
  • Top grade user task organizing, editing, and filtering option
  • Customer and lead activity tracking
  • Easy notification management as per your needs
  • Option to add new customer data attributes hassle-free
  • Front-end contact form facility

Active Installations: 3000+

Average User Ratings: 3.5/5*

Verdicts: Being a free plugin it does its job, but there are a number of useful features that need to be included to add more value to the plugin. It does have the potential to become one of the better CRM plugins but for that, it would need to look into adding functionalities that would keep the user enticed in using it for a longer period of time.


UPI CRM Banner Image

It is a relatively new CRM plugin with just over 2000+ active installs. But the plugin doesn’t fall behind in features to manage your customer contact in an organizing manner. UPI CRM is easy to install & operate. It does its job of capturing leads to manage them professionally quite well. The plugin provides you with detailed insights into the user activity on your website.

The plugin is ideally designed for effective marketing, analyzing and tracking the leads and potential customers. Its contact management system allows you to generate leads, organize the group contacts, send emails and much more. Not just generating the leads, it also maintains a complete life cycle of each lead and customer. Quite a handy plugin to work with indeed.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Easy to set up & operate
  • Complete lifecycle management option of customers
  • Enhances teamwork and collaboration with precise task management feature
  • Monitoring and tracking the activity of potential leads & customers
  • Easy setting of advanced user/roles hierarchies

Active Installations: 2000+

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

Verdicts: It plays a proper role as a marketing tool and generates leads as it promises but the plugin needs to work on its customization, dashboard, and segmentation that would certainly get the user interested in using it more often than not. Being a new plugin it does get a moderate mark on getting a good user-experience rating.

CRM: Contact Management Simplified – UkuuPeople

UkuuPeople Banner Image

A user-friendly CRM plugin for WordPress. It makes the CRM system usability easier than ever. Many people might find a CRM system to be a complicated thing to handle, but it is not the case while using UkuuPeople. As it has already created an impression of being one of the simpler CRM plugins in your WordPress site.

The customer relationship management process is made incredibly easy as you will be able to get all the contact list under one platform. Not to mention its ability to keep track of every single interaction with your customers.

It has a comprehensive demo site from which you can test their plugin by creating and enabling a number of its functions & features like creating a client account page, customer contacts, selling a product, creating a donation page, constructing an email list, etc. This will certainly give you a better idea of this CRM plugin before investing your money in it.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Automatic data collection from frontend forms
  • Dashboard display of various payments information
  • Assigning and scheduling the individual task to a team member
  • Building a complete email list
  • Manage your HR management
  • Quick overview option of upcoming schedules

Active Installations: 600+

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

Verdicts: Ukuu People CRM plugins seem to be a plugin for all types of users and with its good user ratings but over the past 1 years it hasn’t shown much progress in terms plugin updates hence the number of active installation has declined. Although it has shown promise for being able to manage their users effectively.

But the plugin also has its lackings in customization and validation that need proper addressing in order to maintain its popularity. Moreover, being cared less into product & feature update isn’t doing any good and it reflects on its overall popularity score now.

How These CRM Plugins Stands Out Against Each Other

Let’s find out how the features of all the above CRM plugins evaluated compare to each other.

Comparison Chart of CRM plugins

From the comparison chart above, some people might yet find it difficult to pick the best CRM plugins for them, as each of the CRM plugins discussed above offers several good features and functionalities that can efficiently manage customers and play an important role in boosting the sales of a company.

Check more CRM Plugins as Bonus

HubSpot CRM
HubSpot CRM Plugin

Now, this free CRM solution by HubSpot has made quite a bit of mark for itself for being a comprehensive sales pipeline, email lists and contact management plugin for WordPress. Currently, it has an average user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

While trying to grow your growing business this solution greatly deals with the properties that make your customer management completely streamlined by helping you to engage with the customer better. Its principle WordPress attributes for its users include user-friendly contact management, live chat, advanced analytics, email marketing, sales pipeline monitoring, ads management and much more.

Clearly a winner in all parts when you are looking for a solid CRM plugin for your business.

Key Free Features

  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Deal Tracking Ability
  • Essential Company insights
  • Complete Reporting Dashboard

Pick The Right CRM Plugins to Supercharge Your Business Today

It is true that if your company deals with online customers spread all over the world then choosing the right CRM plugin can surely thrive your business forward to a great deal. And with the rise in the business of e-commerce and online multi-vendor marketplace nowadays, the implementation of a comprehensive CRM solution has become highly imperative.

So if you are still confused about getting yourself a suitable CRM solution then it is high time you start using the above mentioned CRM plugins one by one and identify the one that best meets your requirements

But from a personal perspective after using all the plugins above at WP ERP and HubSpot CRM seemed to have all the basic and necessary features to handle your customer more professionally than others. Though it is entirely personal opinion and others might disagree.

So it is suggested that you use all of these profound CRM plugins and then decide yourself based on the one that best suits the framework and mode of customer management program in your company.

Leave a reply if you have anything to share with us regarding your experience with CRM plugins.

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