7 Best WordPress Client Management Plugins For Your Small business

Customers and clients are always the first priority for your business, right?

Then you must have experienced the necessity of having a client management software. If you confused about WordPress CRM software or don’t know which one fits your business the best then this post is for you.

According to research, near 63% of consumers who ask for the info, don’t be converted as a buyer. So, nurturing them should get the top priority to maximize your ROI.

This is where this sort of CRM software has been revolutionary and made customer management easy. For the team who directly work with the B2B clients and customers will find it very helpful in their everyday work life.

Throughout the article, I’m going to be focusing on the top 7 WordPress powered CRM solution, their key features, pros, and cons and finally will suggest the best suit for your small-medium business.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

7 Best WordPress Client Management Plugins

Here is my list. Give a check.

  2. WP CRM System
  3. WordPress Leads
  4. WP-CRM
  5. Upi CRM
  6. Press Point CRM
  7. Zero BS CRM

Now, let’s dive into the details.


WP ERP CRM is the best WordPress client management plugin with 10,000+ active installation and 4.5 ratings. WP ERP also effectively organizes all your customer data to use them properly.

This plugin not only facilitates you with client management system rather it’s a whole package for your business. The core plugin has 3 more modules along with CRM. Other modules are HRM, Accounting System and Project Manager.

Are you thinking this will make a crowd in your backend?

Well, it won’t. since it’s up to you how many modules you want to be installed at the same time. Even if you want all the modules at the same time, it’s quite handy and organized to use.

Another amazing feature of this plugin is, it creates a contact group based on the similarity of the group of people so that in need you can

Key Features

  • Take note for every single customer
  • Inbuilt email Campaign and Personalize receiving the email address
  • Track email campaign with analytics
  • Built-in email communication
  • Advanced conditional filtering
  • Manage B2B partners and clients
  • Analyze the report and do customize
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Create a contact group of matched interest and category

If you are already using or considering to start your journey with WordPress, WP ERP could be your best choice in this CMS ecosystem. With basic features, this CRM plugin has 15+ modules to customize your client management process.

WP CRM System

WP-CRM System, offered by Scott DeLuzio, is another WordPress CRM. With around 400+ active installations as of now, a total review of 13 and an average review of 4.4, that allows the user to use the WP interface in order to manage his/her customers, projects, and tasks with a number of extended features with paid but inexpensive extensions.

One of the key features highlighted by the team includes the users to gain an unlimited number of records. WP CRM System lets users give everyone in their organization access to the WP CRM data.

Key Features

  • Imports contacts and other records from old CRM
  • Manages email updates upon the project
  • Quick one-click access & creation process for new contacts

WP-CRM System offers a number of inexpensive WordPress CRM extensions including Zapier, WooCommerce, MailChimp Sync, Invoicing, Dropbox Connect, Slack Notifications, Ninja Forms, Zendesk Connect, etc


  • No expensive contracts required to access customer’s information
  • GDPR features for keeping data safe and secured
  • Easy importing features for users


Still not popular and hence, have not been widely used leaving less user feedback and resources to verify buggy behavior

WordPress Leads

Wordpress Leads, offered by Inbound Now, is a standalone plugin for capturing and segmenting user activity into leads, with current active installs of +6000, a total review of 40 and an average review of 3.6.

From getting the users locations to tracking and sorting the potential leads, Wordpress Leads is a sought after plugin in WordPress marketplace for user tracking features.

Key Features

Quick detection and easy collection of user data

Access to users’ page view funnel

Search history tracking

Valuable insight regarding users’ interests, preferences, and topics

Accessing demographic and location data


  • Track referral traffic
  • Analyze users’ subsequent interactions
  • Meaningful insight extraction from data
  • Access to valuable lead intelligence
  • Easy integrations with multiple mail service and CRM providers


  • Focuses on user data, not advanced reporting
  • Task, activity, and service


WP-CRM, offered by Usability Dynamics Inc., is another great plugin for user management, currently with active installations of +4,000, a total review of 28 and an average review of 3.7. It’s a light CRM plugin with a definite number of customization and filtering features.

Key Features

Offers interactive charts with organized attributes

Easy editing and filtering organizations

Easy filtering for contacts offering flexible customer search on different attributes

Add-ons for Group Notification and WP-Invoice integration


  • Easy process for adding user data attributes
  • Easy exporting options for using CSV data
  • Interactive charts and contact forms
  • Offers group notifications and notifications management.
  • Quick integrations of WP-Invoice
  • Access & role management options


  • Company or Organization Management
  • Contact segmentation and lead management


This is a free WordPress plugin having 4.5 ratings in the WordPress site. The plugin is a newbie in the WordPress industry but customers are welcoming it very well because in this short span of time it reached out the staggering +2000 active installation. Though the plugin is free, the features won’t make you dissatisfied.

UPi CRM made data collecting easier than ever from your website. It will easily get your lead data stored collecting from webForms like weForms, WP forms, Contact Forms 7, Ninja form, Gravity forms, etc.

Another interesting feature is, you can easily add any comment for each lead and also can see from which UTM source and campaign the lead came. This will help you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

The best advantage of this plugin is, you can check lead management current situation if you have a glance at your dashboard. It shows how many leads have you received, how many of them were assigned, qualified, in-process, closed. How many have been successful and brought revenues. The assigned employee can also see how many leads have been assigned to her.

Also follow up leads has been quite easier by assigning each lead to a team member with Upi CRM.


  • Easy-to-install
  • Works perfectly with any form builder
  • This is non-intrusive
  • Assign lead to a team member
  • Track lead source
  • Interactive dashboards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • URL tagging to identify traffic sources


  • Not enough features for monitoring marketing campaign
  • No options for quote managements like quotes for specific customers
  • No power tool for managing or generating itemized invoices
  • Multiple unresolved topics and low 1 star reviews pointing

Press Point CRM

With Presspoint CRM, you can group your customer data emphasizing the customer profile and the activity they have made your site. Unlike other CRM Softwares, it also eases the process of handling customer.

You can choose the right group of people by customizing the interest and other sectors who will be interested in your next campaign and you can catch them up easily. And that’s not all, you can track the campaign result too. The diversified functionalities will help you to manage customers.

Price: $550/ year. For opportunity and events option, $100 each per year.

Key Features

Individual Customer Profile

Auto Response to Email and Sent Bulk Campaigns

Content Restriction Based on Activity History & Profile

Create an Events Management System to Sell Tickets

Customers Can Update Their Personal Profile


  • Useful Customization Parameters for Filter
  • Sent Email Directly from CRM System with Mailchimp
  • Nurture Targeted List


  • No easy option available for contact filtering or segmentation
  • No activity and task management power tool


Another self-hosted CRM in the WordPress platform is Zero BS CRM. This is easy to set up and users can choose their own module preference from quotes, invoices, forms, etc while setting up the plugin on the site. It has been super easy to manage all your customer and nurture them in a single place.

With this plugin, you can enable some other features like a new customer will be added when a stripe payment is received, creating a new Trello card when added a customer. And all these can be executed by zapier integration.

This plugin is very new in the WordPress CRM list but earned quite a heap of appreciation in the short span of time.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • You own your data
  • Cost-effective
  • Have unlimited customer
  • Sales dashboard


  • Reportedly buggy at times by reviewers and users
  • No uniformed emailing system
  • Inconsistent WP notification across CRM pages
  • Extra integrated tools as bonus points
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Hubspot all in one marketing
  • WP Fusion

How to Choose The Best CRM for Your Business?

The first thing is you need to know the requirements for your business. And then do a scrupulous study on some top CRM plugin. But choosing the top CRM software takes a lot of effort but by this article, you already know the topper WordPress CRM plugins.

You also can gain detailed knowledge from another article on “Effective ways to find best client management software”. Now all you need is to compare the features among the plugins and choose the best one that suits your business. You can find this feature comparison helpful.

Though it’s hard to define the best one since each plugin has its own value and significance, based on trusted user, instant support, compatibility with all WordPress versions, user ratings WPERP is the wise move.

It’s the perfect choice for a small business to get started with the free version and the paid version is also worth investment of your money. It bundles up all the features at a minimal price to run your business.
So unequivocally, WPERP is a good fit both for sustained small business and even for the new starter.

Another reason is to call WP ERP best as WordPress client management plugin is the dedicated team always endeavors to improve the solution, adding new features in every release and upgrade existing features more sophistically. And this is rare to find in other plugins.

To Sum It Up

All these above-given plugins will definitely ensure your customer satisfaction and increase the customer retention rate. If yet your business doesn’t have any CRM software then it’s the high time to get one for you.

Otherwise, you can miss a significant number of leads and also might lose some promising and existing leads for the lack of nurturing them well.

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