Top 5 Open Source CRM: Which Could be Your Best Fit

Are you hunting a smart solution to provide more elegance service to your valuable customer? If yes, then you may need an open-source CRM. It is surely a good fit for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

However, it’s really hard to find the perfect software for a business owner. As there are many customer relationship management tools available in the market.

Our expert team comes forward to help you out! Today we have reviewed some popular CRM tools and listed the best out of it. Also, there are some CRM which has paid version to extend your experience and better performance to manage your deals and contacts.

Let’s check the list together and explore their exceptional features.

5 Best Open Source CRM You Should Check

Open Source CRM
  1. WP ERP- Supercharge Growing Business
  2. Odoo- Customer-Centric CRM
  3. OroCRM- Grow Your Business
  4. Vtiger- A Unified CRM
  5. SuiteCRM- Sell, Market & Service Smarter

In a nutshell, Open Source CRM software is an inexpensive and easily customizable solution. That helps you to handle all the business deals from a single platform.

If you want to tailor your CRM software according to your requirements, then these open source CRM are the best fit for you. Because of unlimited customization is available with them.


WP ERP Best Open Source CRM

For a company customers are the heartbeat and their satisfaction is the most necessary element to get a successful business. Supercharging your business growth is in your hands now. If you add CRM solution of WP ERP. Now you may ask why it is at the top of our Open Source CRM tools list. Well, check out the features of WP ERP. 

Highlighted Features

  • User-friendly Frontend
  • Prompt customer support
  • A wide array of integrations
  • 44+ Currency Support
  • An automated Accounting solution
  • Customer acquisition and lead generation
  • Complete yet affordable Solution

You will be amazed to know that, FinancesOnline has awarded WordPress ERP with two great badges – “Great User Experience” & “Rising Star“.


Odoo- CRM to grow your business

Odoo is an integrated open source CRM business software and it is manufactured on a powerful Open Object Platform. And, the important part is you can customize the whole system as much as you need. Right Now over 1,000 modules and 20 languages are available in Odoo. 

Highlighted Features

  • Easy-third party integrations
  • Modern User Interface
  • Import Leads
  • URL Trackers
  • Activities and calls management
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Emails Templates

The pricing plan is based on per-user. So, if you are starting this CRM tool with lots of users then it will be a bit pricey. Apart from this, you can do the third-party integrations effortlessly. You will be wondered after hearing that Odoo can be purchased either the open-source community edition or the enterprise edition. Also, it comes with a 15-days free trial.


Boost your business with OroCRM

OroCRM is one of the best Open Source CRM. It has own hosting, deployment, and extension partners all around the world. To use this customer management software, you can install this software by yourself or contact with one of its partners.

Moreover, you will find this list of partners on their website. Though OroCRM does not have any dedicated mobile app the mobile-friendly web-based system will allow you to reach your business needs of CRM

Highlighted Features

  • Accounts and Contacts Management
  • Sales and Marketing Performance Dashboards
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Leads and Opportunities Management
  • Workflows and Productivity Tools 

OroCRM is well known as the most flexible Open Source CRM. This tool is based on the Symfony2 PHP framework and it is widely used. So, it means that developers will find it easy to understand the code. Besides that, a developer can build new customizations and its really cost-effective to modify the platform according to your needs.


Vtiger- get the full view of Open Source CRM

For SME owners Vtiger CRM is another better option that can be deployed either on the cloud or on-premise. You will get contact management, sales automation, marketing automation, and customer support modules in the open-source version. The highlight of open-source is its Microsoft Outlook plugin. This plugin allows users to sync their calendars and send emails with Outlook. 

Highlighted Features

  • Lead management
  • Customer support & service
  • Campaign management
  • Inventory management
  • Integrated calendar, activity & notification management
  • Case, subscription, approval & project management

The pricing plan of the cloud version is not that expensive and it looks promising. Moreover, open-source is good enough if you have a technical team. For marketing, help desk, and managing sales operations.  


Feature rich SuiteCRM

Here is an open-source customer relationship management for all size businesses- SuiteCRM. It helps to handle customer interactions across marketing, sales, and customer service. After using the advanced features this CRM has got the trust of different industry leaders and companies. 

Highlighted Features

  • Contact & account management
  • Partner relationship management
  • Opportunity & pipeline management
  • Task /activity management
  • Email marketing & campaign management
  • Marketing ROI analytics

SugarCRM’s open-source version is the inspiration of SuiteCRM. Now, that is not available. SuiteCRM has only utilized that alternative for better development. It is a highly robust tool that has hundreds of extensions and integrations. 

Benefits of Open Source CRM


You may wonder why you should go for an Open Source Solution for your business. In that case, you can consider the following factors before making any decision.

  • Free/ low cost
  • Customization
  • Easy management
  • Endless improvements
  • Regular updates
  • Community & Support

Get the Right Open Source CRM for Your Business

Improving and managing customer relationships as a business owner can be challenging. In that case, a CRM tool is the only saver to you. If you are a small or medium business owner you must try the Open Source CRM as they offer different effective facilities near to cloud-based software.

Before choosing any software try to check there all features and finally select a CRM tool that can cover most of your requirements. Firstly, you can try their demo version and use all the features. You don’t need to pay a single penny for that.

According to our analysis, WP ERP is now providing the most important CRM features free of cost. And, if you get stuck on the technical issues, you don’t have to contact a developer. Because they have the fastest 24/7 Support option for you.

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