11 Poor-Management Offenses You May Not Know You’re Committing

Trying to pinpoint the areas you need to work as a leader? You are in the right place! It’s really important to realize the bad manager behavior for ensuring a healthy relationship with your people. If you are enough aware of your imperfections, it will be the first and foremost step for your improvement.

One of the toughest parts of life is to interact with the people and manage them properly. You can’t become a perfect manager but can maintain a better understanding of your team. You need to be clear in your purpose and people from the very beginning. Always remember- it’s really difficult to be a boss! However, you have the opportunity to create a balance considering some facts and features. Take the ultimate advantage of using automation for your projects!

11 Poor-Management Offenses You May Not Know You’re Committing

A project could be destroyed only because of bad manager behavior. You might get lots of poor management offenses by googling within a minute. But not all of them have the same importance or are significant. In this article, we built a list of 11 poor management offenses you may not know you’re committing!

Not Developing a Clear Communication Plan

Clear communication plan- Bad manager Behavior

Communication can be the leading problem when it comes to moving and managing people through a certain change. Having a better communication plan is certainly an advantage for you. But remember, your plan must be combined with other core requirements of change management. You should always be careful about building and maintaining proper communication within your team.

Not Enough Administration (Being too hands-off)

Your employees need your guidance and recognition. Are you aware what are your employees are actually doing, what challenges they are facing and what facilities they are waiting for to overcome the situations? If not, pinpoint it as the bad manager behavior! Not even think of being too hands-off.

Ignoring the Root Causes of Employee Resistance

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown

Resistance is a function of disruption. The causes of resistance are certainly predictable. You should be alert about why these happen and how to treat them properly. Build strong communication and maintain the consultancy.

Authoritarian or Uncaring

How do you make a decision? Do you neglect the thoughts and opinions of your team or seek inputs from them? It’s important because you can’t build a perfect team bonding ignoring this practice? Honor your people and give them space. You may be smart and even right most of the time, but never underestimate the team power! Remember- authoritarian or uncaring are the signs of a poor manager.

Over-simplifying or Downplaying the Impact of the Change

Creating trust- bad manager behavior

Your employees can be badly affected by both of the practices. You shouldn’t try to address the change management of your projects from the oversimplifying perspective. Give proper importance to the mindset of your teammates. Avoid bad manager behavior by creating trust.

Treating Everyone Alike

People are different. It’s a mistaken notion that you should treat all the employees the same.

treating everyone alike- bad manager behavior

If you take two people doing exactly the same job, it’s almost sure that each will have different skills and potential. Each of them has different needs and expectation. So you shouldn’t treat everyone alike. It’s also the bad manager behavior!

Charging too much is the bad manager habit

Making mistakes is part of the job. Try to remain positive all the time. It’s not so easy but part of your duty! The great leaders considered as the great listeners. So, don’t complain too much. Don’t charge too much. You will be the winner at the end of the day.

Self-contradictory leadership

leadership- Bad manager behavior

You need challenges to grow. Great leaders love challenges to ensure their development growth. Moreover, there are basics in every project or organization a leader never get bored with. If you stop caring about the basics, others will stop caring too. So try to keep the focus on both the challenges and basics. Avoid self-contradictory leadership. It’s the bad manager behavior.

Not Helping people Visualize the Possibilities

It’s important to visualize the possibilities. People love to know the future state. If you are not ready to help your people to visualize the possibilities, they will be frustrated. It will lower the speed of your team. So, be positive and helpful. Give them enough space and freedom. Try to be a true leader.

Ignoring Career Development Opportunities

career development- Bad manager behavior

It’s critical but a must be considered fact. If your organization doesn’t have a clear career plan, your people will start to see it elsewhere. You should make your team feel free and be clear about their career plan with you. Don’t only think to use their skills and capability for your project, it’s also the bad manager behavior! Help to ensure their career development. Today it’s too regarded as the basic convenience.

Trying to Make Big Changes All at Once

Sometimes it’s good to break down changes into fewer steps. You can properly manage your process and reduce your cost. But this practice may not bring the desired result all the time. Here is a fear that can affect your employees. Everyone can’t handle the sudden changes and furnish them with the situation quickly. So, try to avoid making big changes all at once. Consider how your people can feel more comfortable and satisfied.

Before Ending

It’s good that you are considering poor management offenses. As we said earlier – you can’t be a perfect leader but can build and maintain a strong bonding with your people. You can meet your desired success and ensure your project’s long-term development caring your team. So, ignore bad manager behavior and be a true leader!

You can just check this out how great leaders ensure powerful results with automation. You could also be a smart manager using the best project management tools and skyrocket your business easily.

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