8 YouTube Channels to Improve Your Productivity

YouTube, having 1,900,000,000 monthly users is the second-largest social networking platform after Facebook. Within just a decade after its launch back in 2005, it managed to gain more than 1 billion users.

And it goes without saying that YouTube has now been a treasure trove of all sorts of videos ranging from Tutorials to Music Videos to everything under the sun.

The availabilities of a wide array of videos on different topics have opened the window to hone our skills and improve our productivity to a great extent.

Now, we will take a look at some of the best YouTube productivity channels that can be tremendously effective to boost your work efficiency and productivity.

But before that let’s take a look at how popular YouTube is…

How Popular YouTube is & Why

One reason for the high popularity of YouTube is, there is always something new to watch on every genre. If you are yet to be convinced, then here are a few facts that may surprise you:

On the web, 79% of the netizens do have a YouTube account.

productivity youtube channels

500 hours of videos are uploaded in every minute.

productivity youtube channels

At least 90% of the US internet users age between 18-44 years have accessed YouTube.

productivity youtube channels

And guess what! People watch 1 billion hours of videos and generate billions of views each day.

productivity youtube channels

90% of users discover new products from YouTube

productivity youtube channels

Popularity of YouTube

People love to watch videos from YouTube for several reasons. One reason is that there is always something new to watch. About 720,000 hours of video are uploaded on the platform daily, which is about 500 hours of new video material every minute. From these new videos, a great number of people are discovering new products and services, learning new things, or discovering new ideas.

Here are the Top YouTube Channel to Increase Your Productivity

Though there are literally infinite numbers of popular videos on the various genre, videos on productivity, tips, and tricks and life hacks are the most sought videos nowadays.

The channels listed here can help you achieve your personal goal, objectives more efficiently. Now, let’s see some of the most popular YouTube Channels:

1. Thomas Frank

Productive YouTube channels

Thomas Frank, the founder of College Info Geek joined YouTube on December 3, 2006. Whether you are in high school or college or university, Thomas Frank’s videos are pretty useful to remove your inertia in learning.

As of today, he has achieved 1.77 million subscribers and almost all of the videos include more than 99,707,034 views.

2. Lavendaire

Productive YouTube channels

Aileen, a content creator and an entrepreneur is the host of the YouTube channel, Lavendaire which is basically a reservoir of knowledge-sharing and inspirational videos useful to boost your lifestyle, personal growth, and design.

As of now, after joining Mar 2014, she has more than 1 million subscribers in her channel and the total views of her videos have 70,223,123 views.

3 Mariana’s Study Corner

Productive YouTube channels

Mariana’s Study Corner is founded by Mariana from Portugal who focuses on studying, learning, and self-development. She found the channel in 2015 and since then she has managed to gain more than 524k subscribers and 35,262,960 views.

4. Carl Pullein

Productive YouTube channels

Carl Pullein is not only a productivity specialist and presenter but also an author of Working with Todoist: The Book and of the Your Digital Life.

He helps people to become more productive and to become more efficient in carrying out things. Carl also trains up individuals, teams, and businesses to improve their communication skills through different techniques, words, designs, etc.

He joined YouTube on Feb 20, 2013. Since his joining, he has managed to get 42.1k subscribers and a total of 3,179,054 views.

4. Dotto Tech

Productive YouTube channels

The channel, Dotto Tech aims in publishing two productivity videos on using your computer and smart devices. Steve Dotto, a host, and producer of Dotto Tech Canada based TV shows. He joined YouTube in September 2006 but became more active from 2013. Currently, his videos have a total view of 22,562,010 with 266k Subscribers.

5. Gillian Perkins

Productive YouTube channels

Gillian Perkins is an entrepreneur, author, and marketing strategist. She helps the online business owners to 10x their sales with FB ads and sales funnels. She also offers business coaching and consulting by combining tech, analytics, and psychology.

If you want to grow your business online faster then you can also avail of her services from her personal website.

6. Teacher’s Tech

Productive YouTube channels

Teacher’s Tech is another great productive channel, founded by Jaime Keet who has a vast experience of teaching in the elementary-high school for 15 years. He had the vision to integrate technology with the education system and to infuse the use of technology in our lives.

Jaime is a Google Certified Innovator and a Google for Education Certified Trainer. He was also used to be a coach who taught teachers in mastering the use of technology to impart education.

Jaime joined YouTube on February 1, 2013, and as of today, his total views spiked to 19,095,058.

7. Keep Productive

Productive YouTube channels

Keep Productive is a channel that concentrates on reviewing productivity apps and software. His channel also includes webinars, tutorials, and freemium courses.

He joined December 22, 2011, and since then he has garnered 117k subscribers and a total number of 11,868,452 views. You can find his premium videos from this link.

8. Muchelleb

Muchelle b disseminates helpful tips for anyone who is looking for a good, productive, happy, and fulfilling life. From her channel, you can build good habits and set goals to live a better life. She joined YouTube on Nov 2, 2010. Now she has got more than 356k subscribers.

Conclusion on top Productivity YouTube Channels

The channels discussed above are not the only options you can follow. We have only handpicked a few of the most-watched YouTube channels.

You can always search for other popular channels on YouTube that utilize in producing videos on productivity and efficiency. No matter whatever you do, if you follow the tricks and tricks from these channels, you can definitely become more productive.

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