10 Useful Things To Do with WP ERP For Solving Business Problems

Just like us, you may have also noticed the change in today’s technology and the adaptation of managing things easily, super-fast to be precise. Thus, nobody wants to do anything manually.  You wouldn’t also want to take the hassle of managing HR, customers or accounts of your small business as it takes a lot of time. In such situation, who wouldn’t want to have an automated and compact Resource Management system to manage these tasks?

This is where WP ERP makes a heroic entry in becoming the ultimate all-in-one solution for all small to medium businesses. WP ERP lets you execute some of the most amazing things for company resource planning. On top of that, it brings a certain amount of solidarity in the foundation of building a ground-breaking and interactive management process of your overall enterprise resource management solutions.

WP ERP provides 3 Free yet powerful modules, HR Management, CRM & Accounting. So this discussion will encompass 10 remarkable things that are possible to do with WP ERP’s all these three module for free.

Managing employees 

If you cannot manage your employees effectively, you will face huge chaos within the company premises. This catastrophe can cause severe damage to company resources which could lead to a halt in your business process. But with ERP, this complex process of managing your employees is just a walk in the park.

WP ERP’s HRM module gives you flexibility in managing the existing employees. Keeping convenient digital formation of all the personal details of the employee list is a super easy process with WP ERP HRM module.

Your employees also get their own profiles. You can take notes, measure their performance and also their job details in a single place.

List of things manageable

  • Total number of Employees
  • Departments
  • Designations
  • Company-wide Announcements
  • Birthday Buddies
  • Who’s on Vacation
  • Leave Calendar

Managing leaves

The productivity of a company directly depends on its leave management procedure. Not being able to manage the leave of company’s employee effectively may cause a negative impact on the whole workflow. But with ERP’s leave management system, the company doesn’t need to go through many hurdles in being able to manage it.

Along with managing the leaves of an employee, WP ERP lets the user see all the previous leave details as well as the available leaves balances of each employee.

Creating leave policies and then separating according to designations or departments is one of the main features of this module. Not only that, reviewing leave request of employees and creating non-recurring holidays proves WP ERP’s HRM module to be just way more effective leave management tool for any company.

In addition, approving or rejecting leave requests after reviewing their valid/invalid reasons can be done with just a single click from one place. An overview of the total leaves taken in a month can be viewed within a calendar as well.

List of things manageable

  • Set leave policies
  • Create individualized
  • Leave policies for designations or departments
  • Review user leave requests
  • Create non-recurring holidays
  • View leaves within a calendar

Company-wide discussions & announcements

Not discussing or sharing ideas with teams mates or colleagues could prove to be fatal while identifying or solving any issues within the company. So a collaborative discussion is inevitable in every company. It ensures all issues are taken care of smooth and easy. So using WP ERP discussing important issues and making announcements within the company gives a significant leap forward to the company’s progress.

The built-in feature of announcement system for the company employees, creating and sharing announcements to all employees or any particular ones is a very strain free process to handle. Co-workers can discuss several issues on the same platform creating discussion boards separately.

Any confusion that might lead to a serious issue can be taken care of beforehand by asking questions on the task page. Attachments of important files, when required to have an open discussion among team members is done freely.

List of things manageable

  • Announcement creation.
  • Discussion among Co-Workers.
  • Sending daily digests.
  • New Project or offer announcements.
  • Queries regarding critical issues to solve a problem.

Performance Review

In the need of getting the idea about an employee’s work progress and performance in the company, WP ERP can come in really handy. To judge about where an employee’s future in the company stands, having a review system to evaluate their monthly or yearly progress report can prove to be a very effective tool to have.

With WP ERP the business owner or HR Admin can easily take feedback from the team leader about any specific employees. Then maintain those details in their designated performance review page for future references. It helps the HR admin/Owner to easily evaluate the performance of each employee separately at the time when the monthly or yearly employee performance review process kicks in.

With the separate sections of evaluation such as Job Knowledge, Work Quality, Attendance/punctuality, Communicating/Listening and dependability, this WP ERP’s vast employee reviewing feature is second to none.

List of things manageable

  • Performance reviews.
  • Performance comments.
  • Setting performance goals.
  • Detailed employee performance assessments.
  • Section wise performance review for easy evaluation.

Contacts/Company list management

New people are always interacting with your company. The prospective customers could lead to a higher revenue projection for your business firm. So building & maintaining your contact without losing the existing ones need a proper emphasis on by every company. As it will eventually enhance their profit margin.

Contact Management process of WP ERP helps manage potential deals, tracks and maintains any business relationships- including the interactions with company’s suppliers. WP ERP enhances the usefulness of company’s contact list by building links with other records. The integrated email system enables you to communicate through your contact list making things all so easy for you. It doesn’t require any tricky registration for the customers either.

Manage contact lists by setting a life stage for each customer which prioritize those customers according to their life stage status. As the contact lists grow bigger it might get tough for the user to manage or find contacts but with the quick search feature, it turns company’s contact data into a powerful in-house search engine. Just simply type the contact you are looking for in the search bar and a real-time drop-down of possible matches will appear under the search box.

List of things manageable

  • Contact lists.
  • Company lists.
  • Email Correspondence.
  • Life stage of customers/potential customers.

Segmentation (saved search, contact groups) 

As the company gets bigger it becomes much tougher to keep track of the rise in customer lists. Which leads to a messed up business follow up process, missing out many potential customers in the way. So WP ERP with the advanced filtering feature using saved searches makes this stressed process a relaxed one.

Locating any customer from your contact list is just a few character away. Even if you type partial keywords from attributes just a little more than their name, country, city or phone number you can still sort out your desired customers with WP ERP really quick.

The saved search option enables you to use your past searched elements to help you search again when you need it. So once a complicated filter is created, you can repeat the process without taking too much workload for the next times.

It significantly speeds up the support system of the company. Moreover, a much more prioritized and personalized service can be provided with the help of contact groups. So when you see a customer who is not from the same company but shares similar interest then you can provide priority support to some of those customers.

List of things manageable

  • Advanced Contact Filtering.
  • Filter with Saved Searches.
  • Grouping Contacts.
  • Prioritize Contact group.
  • Personalize service.

Activity management

In order to maximize productivity and to boost your sales effectiveness, there can be no alternative to activity management. It helps the company to organize and prioritize your day. Increasing the efficiency and productivity of your company it lets you generate custom, prioritize lists and reports.

It’s very easy to organize and stay on top of all deadlines, task & responsibilities with WP ERP’s activity management. Effortlessly schedule each task and events, assign different tasks among colleague, prioritize tasks list and events by due to date. Then track them through dashboards and custom lists. Also get automatic reminder alerts to help you improve prospect follow up.

The admin can view separate and overall team task progress to help them stay alarmed according to the team management’s needs, boosting the sales effectiveness and monitoring works treads and statistics.   

List of things manageable

  • Prioritize lists & reports.
  • Organize work schedule.
  • Assign separate task from priority lists.
  • Events tracking.
  • Follow up with the prospective leads or customers.

Managing Bank Accounts and Taxes

Every business company requires a less complex but a full proof bank accounts and tax management process. With WP ERP’s accounting module, managing accounts and taxes is within the reach of your fingers tips.

It has a very simple integration of your bank accounts to receive and send money to the desired account. After integrating your bank accounts receive or send money by your account simply by selecting the source and destination of the account. If you are receiving or sending money, then just input the product value and it will automatically generate the amount with receiving the amount by the desired account.

A dedicated tax bar is present in all the accounts section that automatically calculates the taxes of the product and adds it to the net amount payable/receivable. Additionally, you can also transfer money between your petty cash and savings account.

List of things manageable

  • Bank Accounts.
  • Send/Receive Money via Bank Accounts.
  • Tax Payment.
  • Transferring funds between accounts.

chart of accounts

Payment, Invoice, Transactions

If any organization is dealing with money, then there will always be a question of payment, invoice and transactions. Even if you have a small company you will always require to make payments, generate the invoice and maintain transactions. WP ERP can manage all these three sections in a very orderly manner.

WP ERP’s account module manages the payment from customers by adding it to your designated accounts. Create a payment voucher in the accounting system when a customer buys something. In the same way, produce an invoice whenever there is a sale. This is the proof of customer buying & owing money to the company which can be fulfilled by a single or multiple payment vouchers.

The WP ERP’s accounting module involves three transaction types: Customer payments (Debit), Customer Invoices (Credit), Invoice payment or partial payments (Credit adjusted from Debit). In any case, the accounting module will adjust balances in real time and provide you with the updated information of your transactions.

List of things manageable

  • Customer Payments.
  • Customer Invoices.
  • Transactions of customer payment & invoices.
  • Invoice payments.
  • Partial payments.


General report of a company’s employee or accounts is too complex to handle in most cases. And relying on guesswork to analyze company’s overall statistical information can prove to be dangerous. So you always require a precise detailed report about your company to take certain decisions to make any changes required.

WP ERP’s reporting feature of HR & Accounting module allows you to collect statistical data about your employees and its accounts details. For example, a comparison of how many people are working in your company department-wise. Or, a sketch of gender and age of your employees etc.

Accounting module of WP ERP generates a detailed Trial Balance, Income statement, Sales Tax, Balance Sheet. You can generate all these reports for future analysis.

List of things manageable 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Salary history
  • Head-count
  • Experience
  • Income Statement
  • Trial balance
  • Sales Taxation
  • Balance Sheet


And that’s a Wrap

As it is already a very well known fact that technology has a major impact on our daily lives. So it is safe to say we won’t be able to live without it for too long. Just like our body parts Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of a company is the nervous system of the body. if it is fit & fine, it will provide you with proper sensory input to management which will let you know about what is happening with the customers, supplier and employees.

Furthermore, it helps to respond with effective coordination the company’s resources to win customers, competitors battle, and cost reduction, just like it happens with muscle in a body. So, therefore a precise implementation of ERP system for your company might just be the best investment a company can think of.

But without proper implementation and upgrading, even WP ERP system can fail many companies to give them with their desired outcomes. You should update your WP ERP regularly for a better result. We release new updates every week just for you.

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