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Thank you for your reply. -So, maybe there is another way I should do this? -It seems like a lot of work to go through 50 pages just to add the 1000 contacts to another group. I considered this article:

But that does not let me add them to an existing group, it only allows me to add then to a NEW group. I want to add to existing group because of the way automatic email campaigns are sent based on when person is added to a group.

Which leads to the real question… -What kind of flexibility is there with automatic email campaigns? In order for the emails to be queued up do I need to have them all written prior to the user being added to the group?

Example 01…
Email 1 goes out 1 hour after person is added to Group “A”. I add a person to the group, and he gets the email. -A week later, I write an Email 2, and set it up to out 1 DAY after person was added to group “A”. Will the person that received email 1 (a week ago) also get email 2, or not, since for him, one day has already gone by?

Example 2
I write email 1 to go out 1 hour after user is added to the group and email 2 to go out 1 day after user was added to the group. I add some people to the group. and then proceed to write emails 3, 4 and 5… Will the people in the group get the emails written after the joined the group, or only those that were written (and scheduled) prior to them joining the group.

One last, related question. I see when I PAUSE a campaign, the related records in “wp_erp_crm_email_campaigns_people_queue” get a date/time stamp in the DELETED_AT column. Resuming the campaign does not change that, and the people in the queue never get sent the email. Can you explain what the purpose of PAUSE is, and what the effects are? -I paused it because I wanted to make a small edit to the email, but ended up breaking the sequence.

Thanks again,


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