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Hi Shaown,

We’ve confirmed that this problem is caused by the following code segment which is hard-coded in … /erp/modules/crm/views/dashboard.php, lines 34-43:

if ( $contact_key == 'customer' ) {
echo sprintf( _n( '%s Customer', '%s Customers', $contact_value['count'], 'erp' ), number_format_i18n( $contact_value['count'] ), 0 );
} else if ( $contact_key == 'opportunity' ) {
echo sprintf( _n( '%s Opportunity', '%s Opportunites', $contact_value['count'], 'erp' ), number_format_i18n( $contact_value['count'] ), 0 );
} elseif( $contact_key == 'subscriber' ) {
echo sprintf( _n( '%s Subscriber', '%s Subscribers', $contact_value['count'], 'erp' ), number_format_i18n( $contact_value['count'] ), 0 );
} else {
echo sprintf( _n( '%s Lead', '%s Leads', $contact_value['count'], 'erp' ), number_format_i18n( $contact_value['count'] ), 0 );


We’ve also posted this to the Wiki:

Ideally, life stages should be a CRM option that can be set via the admin dashboard vs code overrides. Never-the-less, to make the “erp_crm_life_stages” filter useful there needs to be a way to override the CRM Dashboard view to display the custom life stages instead of the hard-coded life stages.

Please advise if there is a filter or other recommended way to accomplish this.

Thanks Shaown!

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