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Hey, sorry for the late reply, i was on vacations.. hehe

It isn’t that i’m gonna search the same employee, it was just an example so you didn’t have to add mroe than one emplyoee and do the research… i don’t search the same employee, but its the same result with same or different ones..
I’ve a lot employees, so when someone has to search a lot of employees for any reason, they just search them and then they open the employee in a new tab so they can keep searching in the same tab that they currently are.

Its weird that i get the error, like i said, its a 100% clean install..

Maybe there’s a problem with the spanish translation ?.. I’ve wordpress in spanish, but everything is by default. didn’t change a thing.

Here is a video:

Btw, i can work with this issue, i’m jsut reporting the bug to make this plugin even better 🙂

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